The good thing is that there are no specific ways to meditate: no specific posture or breathing rhythm is necessary. Of course if you want to sit in the lotus position or breath rhythmically by all means do, but there is no need to. Because once you have gotten the hang of it you can meditate anywhere during almost any activity except of course when working with machinery, or driving a car, for obvious reasons.

Meditation can help you understand the secrets of creation if you but just let yourself meditate frequently. Remember do not become disheartened if you have endeavoured to meditate in the past and have not had any amazing outcomes. The thing is meditation is a transcendent progression and it might take a bit of time to come to know how to still your mind and free yourself to all the universe has to give you.

Try this easy meditation: the next time you are sitting on a beach, nice and relaxed, bury one of your hands in the sand. Then pull out your hand and feel how sandy your hand is. Now rub your thumb and forefinger together being aware of the grains of sand between them falling away until only a solitary grain of sand remains. Now become aware of the structure of the remaining grain of sand as you roll it back and forth between your forefinger and thumb.

Notice that the longer you roll the grain of sand the clearer your consciousness of the grain of sand becomes. The more detailed your experience of the grain of sand is; so notice now how it feels and appears bigger to you as you contemplate it. As you feel the minute grain of sand confined between your finger and thumb and rolling about over the grooves and edges of your fingerprints the grain of sand still feels as it is getting bigger and bigger.

Still continuing to expand, surrounding the beach and then the planet Earth. Before you know it this grain of sand feels like it has grown to a limitless size and has now embraced all of creation, but the thing is you still hold that tiny grain of sand sandwiched between your forefinger and thumb, you are still rolling it across the grooves and edges of your fingerprints.

Think about this, this minute grain of sand is closely linked to every fragment of creation and all of creation is still present within it, even as the grain of sand is at present, sandwiched between your finger and thumb. You have just communicated with this grain of sand, conscious of its never-ending connection to everything else and through this communication with this grain of sand you realise your own infinite connectedness to all of creation.

Keep communicating with this grain of sand let it tell you about the infinite spirit of all existence in creation. Let it tell you about how even the smallest possible part of creation is a living being experiencing creation and partaking in the development of every manifestation.

This meditation with a grain of sand constantly generates a feeling of being one with the universe. It is a timeless meditation that goes beyond the time and place where it begins. It goes through all of creation. Just think of the knowledge a minute grain of sand has and what you can learn from it. Good Luck!

Author's Bio: 

Dion Daly is a certified trainer in hypnosis, a master practitioner in NLP and TLT. He also has a degree in metaphysics.