Are you a glamor or bikini photographer interested in boudoir photography? Follow these guidelines and you can create beautiful, sensual images for your new boudoir customers.

First of all, always remember that a boudoir customer is not a professional model. The mistake that many glamor photographers make is to treat the boudoir customer as if they are used to standing in front of the camera. Most likely not! The classic boudoir photography customer has never been the subject of a photo shoot. They are not used to posing, working with lights, and especially not used to being treated like a piece of meat. They are both enthusiastic about creating sensual, sexy pictures for their boyfriend, husband or fiance and are afraid to look unattractive, heavy or old.

As a boudoir photographer, you first need to create a comfortable, non-intimidating environment. Play soft but not sexy music (classical is great), have an assistant at your side and don't physically touch the customer. Have your assistant rearrange hair or clothing that is not in the right place, or ask the customer to do it for themselves. If you're used to saying "You look hot!" or "It's so damn sexy!" Change the bikini mode to "Your husband will love this one!" or "This smile is just perfect!" for the boudoir customer. Remember that they are not used to dressing up in front of strangers and that they must be treated with the respect you show a manager for whom you take a corporate headshot.

Technically, take the classic boudoir photography client with an open bezel, lighting that falls from one side of the picture to the other, and earthy, muted colors. This will help create a soft, sensual image that flatters your customer. Create a wonderful, fun experience for the boudoir customer and you have found a new niche where you can expand your photo business!

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