When we look at people around us: people at work or at home, and sometimes at places where we go shop, we are looking at an amalgamation of attitudes and outlooks. Often we encounter good moods, pleasant demeanor and bright smiles. Sometimes, it’s the opposite: exasperation, annoyance and irritation. Ever wonder what makes our moods? What is it that causes us to act in a particular way or react? Let’s ponder it over together.

When we have a consoling thought for a future plan, it gives us a sense of satisfaction. A fond memory from the past is as pleasing and comforting. The moment we think about this, it lights up our present. It brings a smile to our face and makes everything around us look charming and promising.
Likewise, a pinching thought from the past or the possibility of a future insecurity destroys the solace of the present moment. We ignore the comfort the present otherwise brings us, take that for granted, and indulge in the gravity of a situation that has either passed or has not yet arisen. What could be worse than a negative speculation about an instance that might otherwise turn positive? Or what good does thinking endlessly over events that are part of past bring us? Is there a better approach to tackle with this problem? Is there a better approach to start handling things? Is there a nicer way to live? A life that is free of grief, burdens of past, depression, demotivation and misery. A life that is full of brightness, hope, happiness and content? The answer to all these questions is: “Yes! There IS a way, there is an approach”. Let us see how.
If we first look at the aspect of past, it’s a time already gone. Time that is no more in our control. It might comprise events that have lasting consequences or incidents that leave a mark behind, or people we have encountered who leave not so fond memories with us. But we do live on, and we have to. Since there is no option for us except moving on, why let unwanted things from the past cling along? Time is the best healer, and it has the capability to erase the most irrevocable of marks. And once we submit before this fact, we will experience that past is fated to fade away.
As for future, a better way to look at things that are yet to come is to realize that the possibility of an outcome is always fifty percent. Either something ‘can’ happen, or it can ‘not’ happen. There is no middle way. Usually we count on positive speculation. It is good to be optimistic, but what happens when the result is not what we were expecting? We feel utterly depressed and demotivated. We lose interest in life and lose hope for other future events as well. How to counter that? Try being optimistic at all times. Always keep room for the ‘unexpected’. It is as probable as what is ‘expected’. Never lose hope, it’s the light of life. Embrace the present moment of our life, it deserves the welcome!

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