Career services have begun to focus on the humble covering letter; it has turned from routine administration to a test of ones English. Grammar, pose and the ability to express ideas in a clean, smart and coherent way is demanding, and it is a skill that is being lost.

There was a time when grammar was taught in schools and when people wrote letters to each other, in real English! That time has passed, with the rise of the email and text message, fast and efficient communication has taken hold, for better and for worse. Employer’s cries to schools to produce workers who can still write has fallen on deaf ears. However, this has created an industry in itself, with professional writers helping job seekers the length and berth of the country with CV writing and covering letter writing.

These bespoke careers services are really making a difference and many people are turning to these companies for advice. One of the most reliable is Adducology, a careers consultancy based in London, England. They have focused on getting the right balance between industry experience and professional writers. Their CV writing service or professional resume writing service has seen a huge boost in recent months with a 27% increase in the last quarter.

One of their senior managers commented, ‘from a small start it is now CV writing and covering letter writing that are our primary focus’, originally specialised in interview training and interview coaching but has now changed tack to take advantage of this new demand.

If you are searching for a new career it is well worth considering a professional careers service. You should expect to pay around £150 at the top end for a CV an about £80 for a covering letter. This may seem steep, although for this you are paying for a professional writer and someone with industry experience. If you are in banking you should also get the advice of a senior banker, for example. My initial view was that this is too much money, however, having now spoken to others who believe their expected salary jumped up 7-10% after using these career services it suddenly sounds like a good deal.

It is up to you to decide. Happy job hunting!

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