Did you know that you can use your audio meditations to make it easier to get into meditative states?

If you are doing traditional meditation, you may have already found that it maybe be difficult to silence your mind on its own but you still really value meditation and the benefits, even integrating it into your life. But you may keep having thoughts appear like "I have to feed the dog, I have to feed the neighbor's dog, I shouldn't be thinking right now.."

Fortunately, guided audio meditations actually make it very easy to get into uncluttered, relaxed and more Zen states of consciousness so they are something you may want to consider getting into or re-purposing to get more into Zen meditation.

If you can become consciously aware that audio meditations are actually making it easier for you to get into more meditative states, it will become easier to do traditional Zen meditation with a few tweaks.

Buddhist monks for example, spent a lot of time being in meditative states and conditioning those states (they just don't call it conditioning). Well, with audio meditations you can essentially condition yourself to more easily enter meditative states with the clutter of your monkey mind faded. Then you can sustain those more egoless states the more you're in them.

Audio meditation simply has that advantage kind of like putting on a video or conscious television program, it is because of the type of relationship and the assistance that the program offers to help you be in those states more readily.

By allowing yourself to be in relationship (and submittal) with the guidance, it is kind of like letting the program take over your consciousness, except with audio meditation you can get the benefits that you are looking for instead of just divertive entertainment!

So if you are into Zen meditation and it is still difficult, start mixing guided audio meditation into your meditation practice, if for no other reason then to condition entering egoless states of consciousness easier. During an audio meditation, just allow yourself to fully relax and submit into the process.

As you continue doing it through days and weeks, you are actually training yourself to enter those desirable Zen like states. You may even want to try starting with a guided audio meditation if you are finding it difficult to focus, and then continue with regular Zen meditation. This will help you to focus and get into a deeper state faster.

You could even try conditioning to phrases like 'woo-sah' to entrain your mind, body and soul into relaxation. There are a TON of cool things you can do in expanding your consciousness if you haven't already experienced them.

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Rion Freeberg brings entirely new insight into personal growth, healing, consciousness and spirituality through the advent of the sexual polarity and entertainment forms of meditation. Discover more about how to access higher and healing consciousness with audio meditation at http://www.guidedaudiomeditation.com