Nowadays, people worldwide have become smart and do not wish to wear mass-produced clothes. Instead, they like to order clothes that they have designed, whether it is a skirt, dress, shirt, top, suit, jacket, pants, hoodie, or footwear. Every person is trying to make their fashion statement.

iDesigniBuy's apparel customization solution is the latest and advanced solution that helps you meet the needs of every customer. Our creative team incorporates high quality and rich design tools for simple online designing. This will enhance the user-attraction on your website or online apparel store, ultimately improving customer loyalty.

We offer fashion design software, shirt design tools, suit design tools, pants design tools, jacket design tools, thobe design tools, hoodie design tools, and many more design tools.

Some features of our apparel design software that will help your business stay ahead of the competition and grow your business:

• Fully customized and bespoke clothing designer equipment according to business requirement.
• Complete tailoring solution to integrate with an e-commerce storefront.
• Added library for professional vector and ready-to-use design templates, images, clip art, text and fonts.
• The option to upload png, jpg, gif, and SWF file formats as per the convenience.
• Easy to install with any CMS or shopping cart platform.
• Built on HTML5 and JavaScript running on all platforms and devices.
• Pre-loaded fabric, style and accent.
• Comes with an update option to add new materials and patterns to existing databases.
• It comes with a lifetime license.
Being one of the most trusted organizations, iDesigniBuy is known for creating fashion design software with advanced features for users, including:
• By integrating these applications, you can allow your users to create 2D and 3D designs.
• With the help of this online fabric design tool, you can allow your customers to experiment with your design by editing it in various ways.
• With the iDiB Ready-to-Use web application, you can provide the option to upload, print and share various designs via email.
• A virtual trial room enables the end-users to see their design in 360 degrees.
• With advanced apparel design software, your customers can select any design, texture, color, etc. before placing an order.
• Your customers can preview their designs in various sizes (cuts) and colors.

There are various companies available in the industry that provides apparel design solutions, and you may wonder why you should go for iDesigniBuy designing tools.

Let's see some of the essential points that make our tailoring solution stand out from other means available in the market:

• Satisfaction to customers.
• 100% customized software.
• No revenue sharing, only one-time fee.
• Compatible with all platforms and devices.
• 30 days warranty.
• One month of free support. Post support payments on easy AMC plans.
• Lifetime license.

If you have set your goals to achieve double-digit growth and stay competitive, iDiB provides the best-customized solution for your business. Our developers are highly experienced that helps them out in developing robust apparel design software as per the client's requirement. Email us at and our professionals will assist you in generating the requirement of the features of customization solutions for business.

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