Founded in September 2011, Coefficients is a 100% Filipino-owned BPO company and is one of Quezon province’s leading business process outsourcing of customer interaction and back-office services.
We are a global outsourcing service provider that uses new technological innovations to effectively address market challenges, enhance products and services, and manage talent shortages – while helping keep operating costs low. Starting with only two employees in 2011 and one client in Singapore, Coefficients has expanded to about 50 employees with 385 total acquired clients all over the world. Currently, Coefficients supports clients in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia in the following business areas:
- Customer Care
- Sales and Marketing
- Content Creation
- Knowledge and Data-Related
- Graphics and Multimedia
- Order Management
- Web Development
- Account and Billing
To deliver on the key outcome of improving our clients’ bottom line performance and help them achieve optimistic growth, Coefficients rose to our clients’ challenges and transformed their businesses by deploying processes and technologies that were pivotal in streamlining their existing methods. Starting with handling their customer service department, our clients gained confidence in having Coefficients handle all of their other departments. Process and domain distinction and Coefficients’ strong data analytics prowess have driven measurable improvement in the end-to-end customer lifecycle management which resulted to improved sales conversions and significant reduction in costs. Coefficients likewise upgraded our clients’ business continuity measures and has offered the ability to scale and deliver on their new business ventures.
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Having started seven years ago, Coefficients Co. Ltd. has undergone a lot of changes since its humble beginnings. Adapting to technological change has been one of their strengths. Their customer support, digital marketing, and advertising department have grown since. The company now offers a variety of services ranging from business process, knowledge process, and just recently, legal process outsourcing.