I’ve been seeing many cool products on Facebook Ads and I recently tried out Detox Foot Pads. In case you don’t know what these are, they are pads that you attach to the bottom of your feet, they look like huge Band-Aids. Once attached to your feet, they are designed to suck out toxic materials from your body. If you are looking to try Detox Foot Pads yourself, you can get any brand because I’d expect that they all function similarly. I did some research and it turns out that the soles of the feet are a great way to detoxify the body, so this product makes a lot of sense.

Using detox foot pads

The instructions on the box said the foot pads work best when you stick them on your feet for up to 12 hours. It might be tough to do this during the day so the nighttime works best so you can just stick them on and go to sleep. By morning, you would notice that the clear white pads are now dark or a green shade of brown. Some reviews I’ve seen online also note that the longer you use the pads, the clearer they become which would indicate that your toxin levels have greatly depreciated.

Why you should use detox foot pads

Many people report different benefits that they’ve noticed from using detox foot pads over time. Better sleeping habits is a common benefit as many users report that they wake up feeling quite energetic and vibrant. Reduced occurrence of headaches, less breakout of acne and skin issues, and a cheerful disposition are other benefits that users can identify after using detox foot pads for several days. Some naysayers are of the opinion that most of the dark substances could come from inside the pad when it gets moist with sweat. While this may be possible, I still think it draws out toxins from the body in addition to any discoloration that may arise from the components of the pads itself. Please keep in contact with a detox foot pads company for natural detoxification. 

My experience using detox foot pads

I got a box with 16 pairs of foot pads, that’s enough for 16 straight nights of detoxification to see how it worked over a consistent period of time. One significant thing I noticed on the first night is that my body temperature spiked really high! I was almost boiling and sweating even though I didn’t change my room temperature or do anything out of the ordinary. This may be a coincidence, but it stopped after a few nights. In those early 3-5 days, I also didn’t sleep so well, and the pads turned shady and mucky when I took them off in the morning. One thing to note is that these pads aren’t the most comfortable to use. They sometimes came off, or something inside the pads was digging into my foot when I moved it around.


I don’t think I noticed any changes to my health or well-being after two weeks of using the pads. Also, unlike most reviews I saw before, the color of the pads in the morning did not improve over time. I also noticed that my appetite was somewhat muted in that time. It could be because those weeks were stressful so that’s something to consider. 

Based on the results in my experience, I probably will not buy detox foot pads again. Should you give them a try? I’d say go for it because there have been several good reviews so you may have positive and more apparent benefits from using these detox foot pads. Have you tried detox foot pads before? Share your experiences with me in the comment section below!

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