Accounting: - Accounting is back bone of financial reporting of any business enterprise, however most of the time it is given its due importance.
Consequences of Inappropriate Accounting:-
1) Incorrect Profit & Loss and Balance sheet:- As financial statements are prepared on the basis of accounting done ,if accounting is improper same will be P&L and Balance Sheet
2) Ratio Analysis will not depict true picture:-Ratio are important information for
3) Notice , Demand ,Scrutiny:- If accounting is not done properly the tax authorities may not agree with it and can issue notice for further information which will ultimately lead to unnecessary hassle to management.
4) Increased compliance cost:- Accounting done be under trained personal generally increase the cost of Accounts finalization and auditing. As it take more efforts to correct fudged up entries
Expert Accounting:- So what is expert accountings .Accounting just not require the knowledge of accounting rules (Accounting Standards) but it also require knowledge of business domain of Clients , Knowledge of Tax laws & various other compliances.
In sense Accounting is an Expert job and to do this expert work an expert is required.
Expert Accounting by AKT Associates:- With experience of more than 8 year and working with more than 1000 Clients is diverse business environment , We have enough caliber and expertise to handle your accounting related assignment professionally.
We have trained staff led by experience team Leaders to complete the work on time without any compromise on quality.
Why AKT Associates:- 5 reason to choose AKT Associates Services
Cost :-Our Fees is at least 70% less as compared to any reputed consulting firm
Convenience :- With unmatched & state of art technology & support staff we can ensure all the services deliver to you without much disturbing your business activities. Key convience factors are:-
1) Door step Collection of document by staff & dedicated courier service
2) Skype Net meeting
3) Team viewer Screen sharing
4) Video conferencing to resolve issue
5) Email & Telephone support
Experience:- More than 1000 Client and 8 Year of experience make us a compliance team on which you can count on
Expertise:- We have on board consultants CA, CS, Advocates ,MBA , Business advisors carrying upto than 30 yrs of experience
Efficiency :- With right resources at right place your compliance will be done before due date without fail

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AKT Associates is worlds first online tax compliance firm to provide world-class taxation, legal, & management compliance consulting services using Whatsapp platform.