A painting job usually requires a huge investment as it plays a major role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house. So you need to make wise choices of paints as well as the primers. If you show haste in the above choices then this will result in premature peeling of paint, bubbling and even discolouration due to pest infestations.

However with the expert approved painting tips and hacks you will be able to carry out the finest form of painting that will last decades. Also to ensure the proper structural integrity of your home, it is highly recommended to spend wisely on the painting tools and equipment.

Excellent Tips used by Residential Painters that make the Paint last for Decades

  • Avoid Premature Fading of Paint at all Costs:

A common issue faced with paints is that they tend to fade over with time. So time and again you will have to apply a fresh coat of paint so as to make them last longer. However the renowned house painters of Strathfield make use of finest quality of paints that are chemically formulated to fight all sorts of damages! Such paints are able to resist the attack of UV rays, pest attacks and keep the walls shining for several years.

Pro tip: Avoid the paint coming in direct contact with the sun as this might hasten the chances of premature colour fading.

  • Clean Once Every 6 Months:

The residential painting service in Ashfield not only aid in application of primers and several coats of paint but also help to keep it maintained for years to come. It is advisable to clean the walls and the other painted surfaces, once every six months. Such frequent cleaning helps to restrict the growth of nasties that are the potential enemy of paints.

Timely cleaning with the aid of a mild cleaning agent and a soft cloth will wipe out the debris and dust that usually settle on the walls as a result of the existing pollution.

  • Go for Waterproofing solutions:

Many a times the wall develops bubbling as a result of water leakage or dampness. Dampness is a potential enemy of well painted walls, so avail the home painting service from Ashfield to provide you with excellent water proofing solutions. Lack of water proofing will be a huge paucity by your side as it will hamper your investment as a whole. In order to avoid off timely repairs in the near future, you must not forget to water proof your walls prior to the painting job.

Once you have finished opting for a paint job by the house painter in Hurstvile make use of the above expert approved tips to make your interior as well as exterior house paint look afresh as new for times to come! These points will minimize all possible chances of early paint damage and paint bubbling. In case you found the above pointers useful then do not forget to share the same with your friends and families!

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