Painting a house is a significant investment of both time and money and if you have put your hard-earned money to paint your dream house, it’s likely you’ll want them look great for years! As long as you perform routine maintenance of your house paint, you can retain the visual aesthetics of your home, but the moment you house paint starts showing signs of deterioration, you need to address the issue to avoid further damage.

Here are a few tips that can help you protect your costly investment for a lifetime. Let’s take a sneak peek into this article.

Tips to Maintain Interior House Paint

Clean Your Walls Half-Yearly:- Most people prefer undertaking a house cleaning job mainly before Christmas, however, for new paints, it's advisable to clean your walls after every 6months. Cleaning house walls half-yearly can prevent the formation of mould, eliminate stains, dust and other imprints and make your house look fresh and inviting.

Protect Your Walls from Discoloration:- If the quality of paint is not up to the mark, it’s likely for it to fade over time. Inferior quality paint can’t protect your interior walls from harmful UV rays, dust and pest infestations and eventually cause paint to peel off early. So if you have recently hired interior house painting services, ask the contractors whether they have used anti-bacterial paint solutions to minimise chances of leakage, cracks and damps.

Washable Paints are Easy to Maintain:- Hand impressions, smudges and spots are common on interior walls. If you have applied washable paints, you can easily remove stains and marks by wiping with a damp cloth. Modern-day paints come with cross-linker polymer technology that eliminates stains, hand impressions in a jiffy and make your walls spotless.

Tips to Maintain Exterior House Paints

Check for Mould/Mildews:- Exterior walls are directly exposed to sunlight, outside dirt, rain and snow which eventually leads to the formation of mould and mildews. Excessive moisture penetrates the walls and wrecks the structural integrity of your building, giving recurring troubles of leakage and cracks on walls. Opting for professional painting maintenance in Western Suburbs Brisbane can ensure the health of your paint isn’t compromised and help in keeping the visual aesthetics of your house intact.

Pressure Washing Exterior Walls:- After a few years of undergoing a house painting job, you may notice dirt, grime to build upon your exterior walls. However, it can be easily dealt with by pressure washing your exterior wall surface. The standard temperature of the pressure washer can remove harmful contaminants, dust and grime and protect your paint finishes for a lifetime!

Inspect for Signs of Cracks or Damage:- Getting a house painting job done by professional contractors is great, but maintaining your new paint job is yet a major consideration. It’s important to inspect for cracks, blisters or flaky paint from time to time to ensure there’s nothing to affect your exterior paint or force them to peel off.

Expect your new house paint to last for decades if you follow these paint maintenance tips closely. Do let us know if this article was helpful. We would love to hear from you!

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Author Bio: The author has been providing professional painting maintenance in Western Suburbs Brisbane for a long time and keeps on educating readers about various paint maintenance tips that can help them protect their investment for a lifetime.