Riding a motorcycle is certainly one of the most exciting ways of moving from one place to another. While it has its benefits for motorcycle riders,  it is also true that an increased exposure level can lead to dangerous accidents for motorcycle riders and the pillion.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  more than 80% of motorcycle accidents lead to death or critical injuries.

Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take in order to decrease the likelihood of collisions while riding. Let's check out what an eminent motorcycle accident lawyer in Orange County had to say about safe driving tips.

Know how to increase visibility

Since motorcycles are relatively small in size, they are less visible as compared to trucks and cars. Here are the ways in which you can boost your visibility:

  • Wear a jacket along with a helmet which has reflective material on them
  • Keep your headlight on even during the day
  • Wear a vest with reflective material
  • Try not to split lanes
  • Don't ride in the blind spots of trucks and cars
  • Avoid riding at night

Don't ride when you are under the influence of alcohol

According to the NHTSA,  most motorcycle accident deaths occur when the rider was under the influence of alcohol, above the legal limit. Another study reveals that motorcycle riders are more likely to get into collations when they are drunk than the operators of other vehicles. So, avoid riding your motorcycle whenever you are under the influence of any intoxicating substance.

Avoid riding in poor weather conditions

If you consider a passenger car, they are usually equipped with several features that make it easier to drive under adverse weather conditions. But this is not the case with motorcycles. If you make the blunder of riding under poor weather conditions, this can lead to fatal and devastating accidents. In case the weather turns out to be worse, the best option is to avoid riding your motorcycle.

Always wear your helmet

A helmet might not prevent a road accident but it can definitely reduce the extent of your injuries in case you meet with an accident. For motorcyclists, the helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment that should be worn every time they ride their vehicle.

Even after following the above-mentioned road safety tips, if you still meet with an accident due to the fault of another party, don't hesitate to seek the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

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