In our daily life, some male friends have urinary tract infections. Do you know the the signs of male utis? How do men prevent urethral infection in normal times? Next, why don't we get to find out it from it.

Symptoms of male urethral infection

1. Itching. The urethral orifice has a feeling as an ant crawling, which can sometimes be absent, light or heavy, or persistent, or along with pain.

This is mainly seen in various genitourinary infections. Such as balanitis, urethritis, condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, can also be seen in chronic prostatitis with infection and so on.

2. Secretion of pus or dripping white. Urethral orifice secretion is mainly observed in venereal diseases, including white substance overflow, or some viscous liquid sticking throughout the orifice. Mainly affecting gonorrhea, urethritis, balanitis etc.

This situation generally indicates that it is in the stage of infection or obvious inflammation, which is the critical moment for treatment.

3. Canker. Urethral orifice ulceration is usually affecting chronic infectious diseases, often combined with secretions, stinging and other symptoms. Non-gonorrhea, chronic urethritis, gonorrhea, balanitis and so on will be the main causes.

In this condition,nursing, hygiene and active treatment should be strengthened.

4. Pain. Urethral orifice pain usually is situated conjunction with other symptoms. The pain can be tingling, dull or dull, sometimes relating to the perineum or radiating to the vagina.

This condition is commonly seen in prostatitis, orchitis, balanitis, condyloma acuminatum, syphilis, genital herpes and other diseases.

5. Red and swollen. The urethral orifice is red and swollen, in which valgus a pathological feature, but in addition combined with itching and pain along with other symptoms.

The emergence of this situation generally indicates that it is in the inflammatory reaction stage of some urogenital infectious diseases, and it is the key stage of treatment. It is necessary to actively and effectively seek medical treatment and treatment, such as gonorrhea, non-gonorrhea, AIDS and so on.

6. Shrink. Reduction or constriction in the urethral orifice means reduction from the original caliber, which affects the normal excretion of urine and ejaculation of semen.

This situation is mainly seen in repeated infection of chronic urethritis, which leads to the pathological changes of urethral orifice fibrosis, often affecting the ejection of urine and semen, such as nephritis and male infertility.

Urethral orifice soreness and itching are mostly noticed in various genitourinary infections. Such as prostatitis, urethritis, orchitis, balanitis, etc, for example urethral orifice contraction is common in chronic urethritis repeated infection, in cases like this, natural plant therapy can be used.

Plant remedy like Wuhan Diuretics Pill can safeguard your urinary system by stimulating white blood cells and increasing their strength to battle infection thus making your fight against UTI's a prosperous one.

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How do men prevent urethral infection in normal times?