In February 2018, the Indian EdTech firm Experts’ Global rolled out what would turn out to be the world’s most complete GMAT preparationsoftware. This softwarereceived an overwhelmingly positive response, almost immediately, from students all over the world. The software has 300+ concept videos, 5000+ practice questions, and 15 full-length practice tests. It also has a wide range of innovative features that put it miles ahead of every other GMAT prep software. The biggest reason behind this warm reception is highly effective artificial intelligence solutions that this software employs. The software gathers and analyzes patterns in the user’s behavior and uses them to make custom recommendations that can address their specific learning requirements. The software’s 300+, imbedded, videos let the students study whenever and wherever they want. Something that the students are quite appreciative of, especially since most of them work full-time. The students arealso quite appreciative of the program’s 15 full-length practice tests, available for free with the purchase of the full program and separately as well.According to the students, these testsperfectly simulate the quality, coverage of concepts, scope, and feel of the real GMAT. 100+ students have already confirmed that Experts’ Global’spractice tests were able to, near-perfectly, predict their real GMAT scores. This is the type of accuracy that every standardized test prep company aspires to. Considering the sheer number of serious GMAT aspirants who have used and recommended this software, it will not be long before it comes to dominate its niche. Experts’ Global’s team has been burning the midnight oil, making sure that every last bit of user feedback is implemented. Currently Experts’ Global is working to market the product, to makesure that it gets the proper attention. It will not be long before this firm is seen as a true GMAT prep leader. About the CompanyExperts’ Global is an EdTech firm, its foundational idea is to use technology to impart education. The company has been acompetitive player in the GMAT prep and MBA admissions consultancy niches, for quite some time now.Since 2008, Experts’ Global has provided mentorship to thousands of students and helped them secure admission to the best schools in the world. The firm has developed the most complete GMAT preparation software that there is, entirely in-house. This software has played a pivotal role in helping the firm’s students crack the GMAT. Experts’ Global has helped students from 50 different countries secure admissions to the every one of the world’s top 150 business schools. One very interesting fact about the firm is that its alumni make up 10% of all Indians studying in the top 50 US business schools. Since 2010; the firm’s students have bagged 2 million $ worth of scholarships, annually. Founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, a Boston University MBA (with 100% scholarship), Experts’ Global boasts of a robust team of talented and inspired professionals;all of whom carry rich, global experience as well as coveted
degrees from eminent Indian and international institutions. The firm takes great pride in the work that it does and in the highly efficient way that it does it. Experts’ Global is well aware that the work that it does touches people’s lives and wears that fact as a badge of honor.

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The Founder of Experts’ Global. Boston University MBA on 100% scholarship; call holder from premium global schools, ISB, IIMs; top performer on GMAT, CAT, and GRE; gifted with extraordinary numerical and analytical skills. Before establishing a team at Experts', he, single-handedly, trained 3,000+ students on test-prep and helped 300+ students in their successful applications to the world’s most eminent institutions.