Coronavirus, the pandemic is also known as COVID-19 and has already shown its full strength by shutting down the entire world. However, we know that things are never going to be the same for thousands of people.

Every country is doing its best to control the situation. China has already taken control of the situation. Nonetheless, every country is trying its best to control the situation asap. Wearing masks has been declared mandatory all around the world as well.
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Countries like the US and Iran are most affected by Coronavirus. The United States of America has already the most number of cases reported – 600,000 as of today. These are difficult times for every single soul residing on mother Earth. Thousands of people are losing their lives every day and no cure is yet to be found.

Governments are working day and night to find a cure to the pandemic known as COVID-19. Yesterday, all I did was listen to Queen, their song “We are the champions” hit me hard. The truth in that sound rumbles upon the cries of thousands.

It is essential to acknowledge that the rich are staying safe in their houses, there still are countries that were already dying of starvation. Is there any plan of action by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the affected countries?
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The world before Coronavirus already had too much bloodshed, people dying due to murder, homicide, several other diseases, and God knows what else. However, Coronavirus has now instilled terror and anxiety in people. This fear of Coronavirus needs to be controlled for the betterment of people.
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People are depressed due to the lockdown, millions of people take their aggression out on social media, asking several questions about their future. Given the Amazon on fire, we already know that our world is near its mere end; now, out of the blue, we are fighting a war with a deadly virus.

How will Coronavirus change the world forever?

There are several different perspectives of lives, we just tend to see what affects us. People will be affected by Coronavirus in several different ways. The effect on the US, UK, and China is going to be different than the third world countries. These countries have the equipment and the money to deal with such unpredicted circumstances. However, countries like Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, and other third world countries suffer the most.
India is one of the most populated countries in the world, now, exposed to a pandemic so wide-spread, the outcome will be disastrous.

Anyhow, life will never be the same for the people who will or have lost someone in this pandemic. We know that people usually get over their sorrows, but losing young partners or lovers hurts the most. However, losing someone unexpectedly aches even more than we can imagine.
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Moreover, the economic conditions of the entire world are at stake right now. The production of products has stopped all around the world. Labor has been most affected by the pandemic. Businesses have shut down and hundreds of major companies like Virgin Australia have already been bankrupt.

The US President has invoked the Stafford Act in order to provide stimulus checks and funding for SMEs.
More-or-less, people are bound to lose their jobs even after the pandemic is over. Due to Coronavirus, airlines have gone bankrupt, due to international and domestic traveling that has strictly been band throughout the world.

Nonetheless, currently, only online businesses are generating notable revenue, but they too will be affected by the pandemic when companies decide to cut down their advertisement budgets.

The positive side of life!

People are focusing only on the negative effects of Coronavirus. However, there is much more to life if one chooses to view things positively. Looking forward to the future, we know that eventually the pandemic will settle and life will take back its normal course.
Our sacrifices will one day give us the results we wish to see!

The positive side of Coronavirus would be a cleaner atmosphere and cleaner oceans. We have destroyed our precious planet more than we can comprehend. The planet is on the verge of breaking apart.

The Carbon footprint has increased drastically over the years, and I guess the sad happenings in the Amazon give us a clearer picture of what our fight is actually against. The temperature recorded last year throughout the world was the highest in the past 50 years.

Furthermore, when this is all over, we will be able to experience much cleaner water and fresher air. Now, I’m not going to say that the deaths are in any way justified. The deaths are to be examined and the people responsible for creating such a virus are to be brought to justice. We hope that the authorities soon find the cure and the answer to where was this virus created.

Things are eventually going to be better, we hope the government of the US keeps up the hard work and find a probable solution for its people. There are many unresolved issues around the world, I hope that the way we all are united to fight Coronavirus, we could sit and solve our issues the same way.

Europe is the most affected region in the whole world!

Europe being the dominion of death currently, the ratio of death is increasing every day. Italy was a disaster and now Germany has taken a certain lead on the numbers. Thousands of people are dying every day in Europe.
However, the thing that bugs me the most is why Chinese companies bought so many companies overnight before the coming of COVID-19? Did they oversee the terror or is this just a part of a plan?

There will be thousands of visa openings in Europe once people are done for Coronavirus. People are already psyched and making several judgments about the future and what is yet to come.

We just hope the people recover as soon as possible. Many of us are in quarantine and we have no idea about the pain the actual patients are experiencing. May God help us all and ease our pain!

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