Let's face it that expired domain names are valuable. In the near future, e-commerce business owners and online entrepreneurs will be faced with a problem of getting a good domain name to register. I mean there will be a shortage of good quality dot-com names. The good ones will be all taken.

But wait a minute... Did I say "the good ones will be all taken?" Oh no, there is always a way of solving a problem. Let's review this statement from another perspective, right? There we go… we won't have a problem of getting these dot-com names. Why? You see not all the owners renew their domain names. And, at one point they abandon them. So, if these names expire, are they unfit for registration again? Nope, they're still fit for registration by anyone including you and me. This sounds good to you! Yah, it is good news.

Before a domain name is available for registration, it has to undergo some stages. First, there is a grace period of 30 days and at this period it can be renewed at the normal price. After the grace period is over, it is placed into 30 days redemption period.

After the redemption period, there are 5 days on which it is deleted from registrar records. ICANN then drops it from its database and thereafter there is no Whois information regarding it. Now it's available and anybody can register it to become the rightful owner.

Note that the grace period and redemption period is meant to safeguard the owner from losing his domain name. Once the domain name enters this stage, the fee to renew it is significant.

Many domain name selling companies are after these expired domains. They want to snatch them the moment they're made available for registration. They find them to be profitable. They usually use software programs and services that email them daily the domain names that have just expired. After getting these domain names, they appraise them and register the good ones. They later on sell them at high prices.

As a new website owner, it takes time for your website to rank high on the search engines. Again, you're required to do a lot of marketing for it to be popular. Marketing your online business requires a substantial amount of money. Instead of doing all these, you can simply buy an expired name and forward it to your website (online business). But before you rush and buy an expired domain name, it is better that you evaluate it first.

Four Factors to Consider when Evaluating Expired Domains Name:

1.) Consider the type of extension it has. A dot-com works best because it's popular among people who surf the internet.

2.) Consider the inbound links that expired domain name has. Are they from reputable websites?

3.) Does this expired domain name qualify the good traits of a domain name?

4.) Was this expired domain name used by a website that was regarded as a spam by the search engines? If yes, don't buy it.

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