Explaining a weight loss plateau.

A fat loss plateau is a situation where you do not seem to be continuing to lose fat. There is a big difference here between losing fat and losing weight. You may not have experienced a true fat loss plateau if only your weight has remained stagnant. When your weight is the same, you may still be losing fats, just that you may have gained muscle or drank more water during this same period, thus your weight on the weighing scale remains the same.

Anyway, the following are some things you should know about losing fats.

First of all, fat loss plateaus are common and to be expected. It is actually very common for people to meet with several plateaus when they are working towards attaining a sexy set of six pack abs. This is simply because the human body is stubborn when it comes to burning fats. Of course, there are people who find burning fats easier, while others find it harder. This is usually due to different body types and thus metabolism. However, taking into account the different body types, everyone will still eventually meet one if he or she does not know certain fitness principles.

Secondly, the slimmer and leaner you are, the longer it takes to burn fats away without accidentally losing lean muscle mass instead. If you are excessively overweight, you can take comfort in knowing that you will be able to burn off those excess fats and see a greater change than someone who is relatively slim.

Everybody's body has a certain comfort zone. Each person usually has a weight and a body fat percentage he or she will tend towards; assuming he or she does not put in extra effort into the diet or exercise regime. Some people tend towards a relatively lean body fat percentage, while others tend towards a high body fat percentage naturally.

If you want to achieve a weight which is less than what you weigh in at inside this comfort zone, then you will definitely need to put in effort in the form of regular exercise and sticking to a clean and healthy diet. This can be done by engaging in body weight circuit exercises or strength training and taking foods low in calorie and fat content respectively. You simply have to find out where your body comfort level is, and since everyone's comfort zone is different, you cannot simply follow what another person does to lose weight; as fat loss is specific to your body.

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