Are you a trekking nerd? Want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and walk through the myriad of beautiful mountains and blue hues? Ascending through the remote peaks while carrying a backpack full of travelling basics is something majestic and refreshing!

Well, Mardi Himal Trek route situated at the heart of Annapurna offers an adventurous hiking trail surrounded by surreal landscape and lush green canopy and you will find no way other than putting on your hiking shoes for sure!

The Mardi Himal route is officially introduced as a new hiking trail in 2012 and is yet to experience the huge crowd unlike other trails in Nepal. For people who want to stay away from the crowd and looking for an ‘off the beat’ trekking adventure, this is a hidden gem in the Annapurna region.

If you have the urge to test your fitness, explore the undiscovered terrains and understand the mountain ecology, a trek to the Mardi ridge is a must. The sparkling rivers, invigorating sights and the lush green views are sufficient to drive your adrenalin rush.

Know the Ideal Time To Go Trekking in Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal region is subject to frequent weather changes throughout the year.

Usually, Mid Sept-Early December is the best time to go for Mardi Himal Short Trek when the region experiences a dry climate. From November to February the sky may seem clear but the temperature remains still cold and freezing. There can be high possibilities for blockage of passes due to snow.

Between May-September, the region experience pre-hot monsoon vibes and it can be too humid and uncomfortable to go trekking at this point of time.

What Can You Explore In This Trekking Route?

From the time this route was opened officially, it became a zeal for the enthusiastic trekking nerds to explore the scenic beauty of the Mardi ridges amidst the lush green canopy filled with Rhododendron, Oak, mystical villages and the alluring beauty of the landscape.

The trail will walk you through the ancient Gurung villages and the Buddhist culture will fill your heart with ecstasy and bliss. As you ascend through the way, you can witness the wildlife amidst the lush green forests.

If you have ever searched for an opportunity to explore the rural livelihood, you can fulfil your desire with Mardi Himal Trek. The warm welcome of the villagers at Pothana, Deurali, Kande etc. together with the cultural diversity will create timeless memories you will love to cherish for a lifetime.

Is the Mardi Himal Trek Difficult?

When it comes to the Mardi Himal hiking terrain, you don’t need to carry ropes or icepicks. Although the trekking route requires no vertical climbing, however, traversing from the high camp to the base one can be difficult due to the steep and rocky terrains. As you ascend through the route, you can enjoy the spectacular views of Mt.Dhaulgiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt.Hiunchuli and so on.

Final Words

If you are ready to accept challenges and want to get the best out of your trekking experience, you can contact the trusted companies offering trekking expeditions at a budget-friendly price.

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