If there's a place on this planet that can present you with a fascinating amalgamation of nature's beauty and eco adventure, it has to be Greece. Those who have travelled to the spellbinding, nature-friendly country would not hesitate to agree with this.

While the beauty of unspoiled regions and sites is certain to seduce no matter what time of the year you visit, it will definitely make a significant difference to your experience if you have bespoke travel services on hand.

There Where the Nature Speaks and Nothing Else

Ancient and classical in every way, Greece proudly opens its arms to those who are struck by nature lust.

From the imposing Mountains of Arcadia to the wetlands with rich diversity to the mild climate and pleasing environment, Greece is a treasure trove with numerous hidden gems for tourists to explore.

Some of the famed nature attractions, Greece preserves, intact and pristine, to the day include:

  • Caves of Diros
  • The Melissani Cave
  • Greek Olive Oil Museum
  • Eumelia Eco Farm and fields
  • The Monemvaisa Castle

Travelling to the Irresistible Sites

Adventure enthusiasts flock in thousands to Greece year-around. Unparalleled excursion locations like Sparta, Mani, Mystras and Monemvasia undoubtedly explain the endless tourist crowds and popularity of Greece as a celebrated tourist destination.


An agriculture hub on theserene land of the Evrotas River, Sparta binds within long preserved heritage, traditions and culture of the country. Some of the eminent ruins and remains of the ancient times include the Ancient Theatre in Acropolis of Sparta, The Menelaion, Archeologikos Xoros Sparti and the Temple of Artemis Orthia. In addition, the olden city boast numerous traditional villages across nearby Mount Taygetus.


This beautiful peninsula situated in Southern Greece and proximal to the largest port city in Greece and the Saronic Gulf Islands, is well worth a visit for all good reasons. The enchanting fortified town of Monemvasia perches on a massive rock rising from the sea and connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus.

The walled town is like a living museum with splendid architecture and history dating back to the 13th century. Not to mention, the breathtaking sea view from the castle top and make the town a romantic destination for couples.


The peninsula of Mani is a traditional citadel town with a treasure of Frankish castles, fortified towers, Byzantine churches and architecture and magnificent scenic views.

Though the isolated town has developed separately from the rest of the Greece, it doesn't make the old town and its inhabitants any less hospitable. Distinct traditions, fortified dwellings and towers from the period of Ottoman, Venetian and Byzantine dynasties make Mani an archaeological site for tourists.

While landscapes, mountains, forests and villages are mesmerising all year round, discovering the Greek nature with bespoke travel services of Greecefully would be a completely unique and unforgettable experience.

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Travel with Greecefully and you can enjoy:

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  • Meals that include traditional delicacies and flavourful local feasts.
  • A certified English speaking guide well acquainted with local attractions, routes and lifestyle.
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