If you are looking to get away from the grinding and grueling city life for just a bit, then look no further than the Best Resorts in Gurgaon. These resorts offer the best kind of retreat possible in a very short time within the city limits. They offer a sanctuary for bands of worn-out residents whose taxing routines demand effective breaks as often as possible. So, what exactly makes a stay at a resort relaxing? It’s the inclusive list of amenities for one, the overall ambiance for another, and the way a resort makes you feel altogether. So, let’s take a quick look at the services that await you at some of the top-rated resorts in the city.

Acres of Open Space

The first that makes staying in a resort so relaxing is the openness within its confines. Resorts are built over acres of land that consist of open grounds, ample greeneries, cottages, villas, clubhouses, golf courses, pools and more. Inside the resorts, there are no towering architectures or narrow spaces that cause the choking feeling in a cityscape. Look up and there is the abundance of sky, look out the window and there is greenery as far as the eyes can see. The scenery itself is a great healer.

Luxurious Villas and Cottages

To make your stay optimally comfortable, a Luxury Resort in Gurgaon offers high-end accommodation in villas and cottages. Outfitted with all the basic and advanced amenities, these villas offer an experience of the high life that most of us aspire to have. A view out the window, floor to ceiling window, wall to wall shelving, hot tub, perfectly architected indoors, exercise trails, spa and beauty services at hand, high-speed Wi-Fi, the villas welcome the boarders into a different world altogether where all the comforts are picked out and presented for the taking.

A Delectable Spread for Every Meal

The resorts are a paradise on earth for food lovers who like to sample different exotic dishes at buffets. The resorts host elaborate buffets at mealtimes offering the borders with an infinite choice of dishes to try and enjoy. There is a generous spread at every meal starting from breakfast to dinner where you will find some very savory entries. Even at restaurants, buffets this large are not arranged on a normal day. But at these resorts, you have a chance to dive into a bottomless dais of gastronomical choices all at once

Room Service at the Press of a Button

Lastly, what makes the stay most relaxing and enjoyable is room service. Nothing in the world that is better than room service at the press of a button. Need a hot towel, just press the buzzer. Want your meal sent to your room, just make a call. Everything in these resorts is placing an order away. You can avail room service 24/7 without any hesitation. The staff at the resorts are very friendly and approachable which makes the guests all the more comfortable.

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A relaxed 45 minutes drive from Delhi Int’l. airport on the Delhi-Jaipur highway & you arrive at Best Western Resort Country Club, away from pollution & congestion of Delhi. It is spread over 50 green acres in the lap of Nature. The resort has authentic rural ambience, surrounded by green & yellow mustard fields.