Philippines capital and one of the most sought after destinations in South Asia, Manila is one of those cities that is counted amongst the cities of the future given its superb urban infrastructure and unique cosmopolitan appeal. Cheap flights to Manila are in high demand amongst frequent flyers that choose Manila for their business or leisure trips. During the peak season from November to February, travel portals report a spike in the number of queries for economical flight deals to Manila.

If you are coming to Manila for a business trip, then we suggest you take some time out and hop on to a sightseeing tour of Manila that will let you explore the sights and sounds of the city.

Most sightseeing tours in Manila take users to a tour of places like the Manila Ocean Park, Manila Bay, Museo Pambata (Children’s Museum), Splash Island, Casa Manila Museum, Star City, Luneta Park, Quiapo Church, and Malacanang Palace.

As you drive through the city from one destination to another you will find that Manila’s cultural diversity is its greatest asset apart from Filipinos, you will find, Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, Malay, Chinese, Thai people also as the city is home to expats from many countries. Throughout your sightseeing tour you will observe one common thing and that is the lively, spirited and vivacious nature of the city and its people. As night falls, Manila’s bars, restaurants and discotheques come to life where you will find young men and women grooving to the tune of foot –tapping music.

Shopping in Manila is an experience in itself as the city’s superb urban infrastructure attracts leading apparel, retail and large-format global stores who have set up base here and attract well-heeled, discerning shoppers who settle for nothing but the best.

To get cheap flights to Manila, you will have to either book your tickets in advance or contact an airline consolidation agent who can get you the lowest fares for your return flights to Manila.

Always keep in mind, that the entire cost of your trip depends on factors like the planning you have put in the travel planning process, the mode of travel selected which again depends on your patience and foresight as well as the time you have set aside for your holiday in a faraway land.

Keeping these facts in mind will help you experience the joy and bliss of a fun filled holiday and return back with memories of a lifetime.

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