There is no qualm about the fact that people love being a foodie, most of them. Apart from clothes and shelter, food is the third most necessary element that actually bonds people from all regions of the world. And, one cannot find a better example than India where the world of foods is so vivid that one can easily spend half of his or her entire life exploring the different colors of Indian recipes. Quite truly, there are more than thousands of Indian food recipes to pamper your taste buds with. Apart from taste and being spicy, there is something more about Indian cuisines that make them so popular in the western countries as well. And, it is the inclusion of healthy and well-balanced ingredients that make every single bite full of life.
It is known to everyone that in India, vegetarian recipes have an upper hand when compared to the non-vegetarian stuffs. However, that does not mean that the latter part does not have much to boast of. Chicken, fish, and meat are extensively used in plenty of Indian dishes, and some of them have become world famous, such as biryani and butter chicken masala. When it comes to non-vegetarian options, chicken is perhaps the most well liked preference in Indian cuisine. No doubt, it can be used with a lot of things to come up with a variety of Indian recipes, such as chicken curry, chicken Afgani, chicken Danuba, chicken drumstick, etc.
Like we already mentioned above, none can excite your taste buds as Indian biryani, which is basically an Indian fried rice blended with different spices and herbs. Tomatoes and ginger are the prime ingredients for making biryani, and it is available in three versions that is chicken, meat, and simply vegetarian as well. You can choose the one as per your likes. However, chicken biryani is the most preferred one.
When you are travelling across the regions of eastern India, it would be a sin if you do not try out Bengali fish dishes, which is undoubtedly an important aspect of Indian recipes. You can choose from the basic fried fish dishes to the more delightful yogurt fish items. You would be amazed to discover the range of diverse fish flavors. If you really have a soft corner for non-vegetarian food items then allow your taste buds to discover the different elements of Indian food recipes.

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