All buildings, whether residential or commercial, need to be checked now and then to make sure they are safe and well maintained as they grow older. One way of checking its structural stability is to use the services of a chartered surveyor, London, or where you are. Here is a look at what they do and what a structural survey is.

Understanding what a structural survey is and includes

A structural survey is a survey carried out by a licensed building surveyor. It involves an inspection of the property that is detailed and considers the overall condition of the property. They are more commonly carried out on unusual or old buildings that are more likely to have faults. It can include a variety of details about the overall condition of the property and all major and minor issues are addressed in it.

A survey includes a map of the property and indications of areas that are of concern which are then detailed and referenced in the report. A structural survey London can be quite lengthy with the detail they are required to include. Surveyors are legally required to include everything they discover. All homes have a number of minor faults so that is not something to worry too much about. Surveys also have to give their clients the worst case on defects found for safety reasons. The surveys include estimations too on how much each concern will cost to repair, and maintenance costs. Those prices tend to be on the higher end of the estimate.

Why should you get a structural survey?

There are a number of reasons why a person might need to hire a chartered surveyor London for a structural survey. If you are thinking of buying a new home it is a very good way to check that the property you are considering is sound. Any property that is more than 50 years old should have a structural survey done before you buy it. Sometimes properties look fine but there are big issues when you look beneath the surface and you need to be prepared this might mean a lot of money on repairs. Only a qualified and experienced structural surveyor might detect such issues.

Not having one done could cost you a lot of money at a later stage so it is worth the investment. You can use that information in the report to back out of a purchase, or haggle with the asking price so you can better take in those potential costs you will have to handle. As well as buyers having a building survey owners can have one too. You might want to assess the condition of the house for safety reasons, or because you want to sell and you do not want to be surprised when the buyers spring the results of their report on you. Sometimes homeowners of property that are older than 50 years that want to make rennovations or add an extension have to have a structural survey London done first to make sure it is safe first.

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