Sea tourism is an attractive service for tourists all year round. Beautiful beaches are always crowded with visitors with a variety of entertainment activities. So did you enjoy the pleasures of the sea? Let's explore the article of certain travel activities to try when exploring on the beach.

1. Swimming

One of the "must-do" travel activities in the beach is swimming. Naturally, visitors to the sea cannot ignore the feeling of being immersed in the fresh blue water. Swimming and playing with waves are always the first goal of people going to the sea. You are not only allowed to fall into the ocean, feel the coolness in the summer sun but relaxed. Activities of swimming, wave dancing, sunbathing, and sand-making will make the journey to maintain a fun and youthful and fun feeling.

2. Cycling around the beach

Cycling is a tourist activity that explores a large number of young people. And now the type of double bicycle pedal is the top tourist attraction. You can freely roam the winding roads to see the beautiful freshwater scenery of the sea.

The dam is the place that cannot be more ideal for couples or families when they want to experience the feeling of other corners of the sea. While running a windy car, while chatting with each other, and enjoying the beautiful seascape will make you and your loved one's great sea trips. Therefore, you don't forget to spend time to enjoy the excellent travel activity.

3. Camp on the coast

Do you think about camping on the beach? It will an unforgettable feeling and experiences with all people when traveling to the sea. If you have gone to the sea, you should try the taste of enjoying the cool breeze with a little bit of salty night. Beach camping is now a trend that many people respond to. This activity promises to bring visitors many exciting and memorable experiences.

A small tent with a flickering flame in the calm night sea is a peaceful yet equally romantic setting. You can grill seafood and with friends and family sipping a beer. This is an activity that surely everyone who comes to the sea should try it once. The activity is suitable with all people even you travel with kids, family or friends.

4. Fishing

For those who want to explore and conquer the ocean, Fishing will be a favorite that cannot be missed. You will be directly experienced a day out to sea by fishermen and fishing hooks. This activity is currently attracting the attention of many tourists. The floating sea fishing huts are entirely handcrafted but certainly to ensure the safety of visitors. You will be taken to a shelter by boat or canoe, a borrowed fishing rod (or fishing line) with bait to relax and challenge by Fishing, squid fishing in the sea. The spoils will be processed immediately into a sea-based meal. Make sure to sit and eat at the place of water waves will be more exciting than any restaurant on the mainland although the food is only processed quite merely.

In particular, night fishing is more popular. When it is dark, only the lights from fishing boats are an exciting experience that you should try when traveling to the sea.

5. Explore night market

At 7 pm, the night market starts to light up. At that time, the life of hiding in the new seas began. Night markets are opened not only to the needs of tourists but also to meet people's lives. Coming to these areas, you can buy a variety of fresh seafood at extremely reasonable prices. Not only that, but you can also ask the processor to enjoy the taste in place. And here there are countless lovely souvenirs with the bold sea.

6. Diving

This hobby is becoming more and more popular, developing in most major sea resorts with low prices.

Furthermore, diving is one of the favorite travel activities of tourists when traveling to the sea. No need to know swim, you will be provided with oxygen tanks, propellers, and professional diving suits, dive into the sea to watch the colorful coral in the ocean. A whole new world appears before you, and you can't resist the urge to take pictures with these fantastic sea creatures.

Hope that after the post you will know more about famous and exciting travel activities in the sea. You don't forget to enjoy all the beautiful activities mentioned above. If you need more information for traveling, you don't hesitate to visit our website.

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