We are living in an exciting age where the potential of the internet/technology seems boundless.

The ubiquity of smartphones and the ease by which the internet can be accessed has made our lives easier.

Companies across all verticals are leveraging the internet to fine-tune their business.

Not to be left behind, courier services are actively exploring how technological innovations can be used to improve their deliverables to consumers.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Parcel services are now making extensive use of GPS to plan and deliver parcels in the optimum possible time. GPS is allowing them to discover the fastest routes and avoid possible traffic jams.

Real-time communication

Parcel Services agents can now get in touch with customers in real time before they deliver so that they can avoid a repeat visit.

For customers, the parcel services’ websites allow for tracking of parcels so that they can follow the progress till dispatch.

Exciting innovations to watch out for

Drones Deliveries

This may look farfetched at the moment. Yet, it would interest you to know that Amazon has been granted permission for trial testing of drone deliveries in Britain.

Why drone?

They have the potential to carry small parcels in quick time without having to worry about traffic jams and other obstacles.

Frankly, major online marketplaces like Amazon would prefer to ferry small parcels over a relatively shorter distance, say up to 15-20 kilometers.

In other words, drones to start with may be introduced for the “last mile hand over”.

Are there not any legal hurdles?

Yes, there are. Current rules state that drones cannot be flown within 50 meters of a structure or a vehicle or in less than 150 meters of a built-up area.

Moreover, for delivering a parcel, a drone will require a safe and secure landing zone.

Hurdles are of course there, but historically we have seen technology overcomes most if not all hurdles.

We understand that some efforts made by agencies to make medical deliveries and transport blood samples have been successful.

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