It is not easy finding a coach that meets all your needs. It takes some time and a lot of research. But the effort is well worth it. Having a triathlon or cycle coach can really help you achieve the goals you have, and get the personal satisfaction of seeing great strides in how your training goes. There are a lot of programs and coaches out there so here is a look at some things that can help you make that decision.

Six tips for choosing a coach

Here are some things to look at as you are coinciding how to invest your time and money into.

  1. Are they certified? You should make sure anyone you might spend money with has the correct training and certification to coach. You can look on their site and check there or you can check online for nationally certified coaches near you to choose from.
  2. Spend some time narrowing your options down in terms of location. Do you want someone physically close or are you good with online coaching? When you have narrowed down your location options, consider how they charge. Do they charge for every communication you have with them, or is it a triathlon coach that charges per program? Are they asking for you to sign up long term?
  3. How available is the coach? Can you reach out when you want to and will they answer or are they only going to communicate at certain times? If they are also competing and training is that going to impact on the time they can spend with you? You need a coach that has the time to give you the attention you need and who will answer questions and deal with issues as they arise.
  4. How do you feel when you talk to them? Do you communicate well and is it via means you are happy with? If you prefer to talk via email, and they want phone calls, is that something you can compromise on? Do they listen to you and what you want or impose their own goals on you? Is the cycle coach more focused on their achievements and experience and not yours? Does their philosophy meld with your own?
  5. Do you feel like they have your best interests in mind? Some coaches do it because it is their passion, some do it because they are no longer able to compete, some do it because they see money to be made. Are they pushing supplements, drinks and other training aids or is it all about you and your training.
  6. Do they have full visibility? Some will only allow access to their full site when you become a client. Sometimes this is a ploy to get you to think they have some secret training answer that no other coach can offer. There is no magic supplement or training program. There is a qualified and worthy triathlon coach and there is hard work and planned recovery for you.



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