Popularity Of Beach Holidays

Sri Lanka has made a name for itself as the top destination all beach lovers should visit to enjoy the ultimate beach tour. This comes as no surprise because this tropical island has on display amazing beaches such as Bentota beach, Hikkaduwa beach, Uppuveli beach, and Negombo beach among many others that wait to welcome travellers to enjoy the most amazing beach holidays they can every dream of.

The tourism industry in Sri Lanka pays much focus on attracting tourists to the island. Among all the amazing attractions on display, the beach locations are given much prominence. Some of the reasons why such immense popularity has been established include the vast amount of fun activities which can be enjoyed during a Sri Lanka beach trip, the fact that travelling to any coast of the island can treat you to an amazing beach tour and also these vacations can be planned out in a manner that they are very budget friendly holiday options any traveller can afford.

Best Locations For Sri Lanka Beach Trip

Hikkaduwa beach

Representing the southern coast of the island is the Hikkaduwa beach which is one of the most coveted beach tour locations among those who crave an exciting holiday to enjoy the sun and sand. This location is extremely popular among locals and foreigners alike and therefore manages to attract counts of tourists almost every single day. During the day, the sunrise and sunset create an amazing sight for your eyes to feast on. As the golden rays of the sun light up the grains of golden sands which are been gently washed by the waves that meet the shore, you would feel like you are truly in paradise. The amazing party atmosphere which takes over this beach location at night is another main reason why many enthusiastic travellers are drawn to this site.

Uppuveli beach

Compared to the wet and south coast of the island the northern coast of the country is much less crowded. Representing this stretch of beaches is the very beautiful Uppuveli beach. Although these areas were plagued by a civil war for many years, there has been no reduction in the natural beauty they have to offer. Therefore this beach too deserves a highly recommended mention for travellers who want to enjoy the calm and refreshing feeling of the best beach holidays in the country.

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