Sports medicine is a fast growing field. Sports medicine physicians are professional doctors who specialize in the area of sports injuries as well as the overall health of the athletes. Injuries can wreck a considerable part of the season for a sportsman. The sports medicine physician is responsible for assisting in healing the injury and getting the sportsmen back on the playing field as soon as possible. Practitioners in the sports medicine fieldwork to perform research avert injuries and alleviate the after-effects of exercises and physical stress. The medical practitioners in this field are classified as non-surgical doctors and orthopedic surgeons.


To become a sports doctor, the aspirant is required to obtain special qualification in sports medicine. They have to go through all the education and training meant for a regular doctor and then take up their specialty training. To become a doctor, the aspirant must complete four years of college education followed by four years of medical education with around three to eight years of internship and residency program. Thereafter, they receive a permit from the state to practice.


Sports medicine physicians must be composed, and should respond to emergency circumstances with confidence. Moreover, they must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. They must also know how accurately diagnose various injuries and handle the athletes with care.


A career in sports medicine ranges from the basic trainers that perform daily training programs to the topmost level surgeons who perform rehabilitative and reconstructive surgery. The sports medicine doctors work for an extensive range of individuals and organizations, such as professional sports clubs or teams, local sporting clubs, school and college athletics programs, basketball players, tennis players, golfers and many others. The following are the areas of occupation that one can take up while venturing down the trail of Sports medicine jobs.

Athletic Trainers:

Athletic trainers usually work for associations or teams, offering treatment for minor injuries such as sprains, abrasions, and muscle aches. Trainers also provide information regarding nutrition and exercise with athletes.

Sports Psychologist:

Sports psychologists also form a part of Sports medicine jobs. Sports psychologists help the athletes receive mental relaxation through techniques such as visualization to improve on-field performance and mental well-being. Present-day initiatives in sports psychology intend to seek and fight potential psychological factors that affect an athlete's performance.

Exercise Physiologists:

Exercise physiologists examine the fitness levels and the bodily needs of patients. They then recommend a sequence of exercises to heal a large range of illnesses, which includes diabetes and heart disease. They also meet the athletes on a regular basis to check the progress and alter the plans if necessary.


Orthotists design protection and braces for athletes to use during sports and other competitions. They consult the players as well as their physicians to devise and develop equipments to heal and prevent injuries.

Chiropractors and Massage Therapists:

Chiropractors are health professionals who take care of the fitness of the neck and spine for diverse patients, including sportsmen. Massage therapists make use of their hands and elbows to apply pressure to athletic injuries for healing and pain relief.


An orthopedist specializes in the therapeutic care of bones. They are frequently needed to aid with fractures that take place during a sporting event or while exercising. Orthopedic nurses often assist orthopedic physicians during the medical procedures and they teach the athletes on self-care techniques to help in fast healing and to prevent further aggravation of injury.


The median salary range for sports medicine physicians are $67,000 to $141,000 for a fresher; $72,000 to $176,000 for the ones who have one to four years experience; $99,000 to $177,000 for those who have five to nine years experience; and $98,000 to $226,000 for the physicians who have ten to 19 years of experience.

Overall, sports medicine jobs can offer a multitude of possibilities as well as provide unique opportunities to work in a distinguished career domain

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