In the fall season of reflection and connection, we gather to celebrate the abundance in our lives. As we look across the proverbial table at the harvest we’ve collected – our relationships, love, family, joy, and friends, it becomes remarkably clear that we are a sum of many parts and that each of these parts are interconnected and interact with each person in our lives.

Each relationship strengthens us and allows us to stretch beyond our boundaries in ways that we may not have imagined. The golden cord on which this energy travels is linked through our soul and our spiritual connections. Whether or not we are aware of these connections when they occur, the ripple effect from the thoughts, emotions and actions from that moment forward become part of who we are and shape our destiny.

As we float along in this sea of energy on the physical plane, which we refer to as planet earth, let us join in a prayer of gratitude for this planet, this great gift given to each of us, with its inspirational natural beauty and nourishing resources.

Today, say a prayer of thanks, for all the bountiful good in your life. When you do, make sure to remember to include the planet in your prayers. The energy in each prayer is powerful and sends ripples of white light around the planet and surrounds each person that you include in your prayers. One of the greatest wisdom teachings to be shared is to remember how powerful each of us are and how much energy is behind each prayer, especially when conscious thought is focused with the prayer. When you pray, speak the words aloud, visualize the intent and direct the energy toward your intention. With careful focus and direction, a prayer can move mountains.

One of the most powerful ways to activate the prayer that you speak, is to then put it into action. Visualize the prayer and then consider how you can live in sync with the prayer in your daily actions. Then turn this prayer into your vision statement, so that you can live and act according to the prayer that you wish to see come to fruition.

In this act, you are aligning with the Divine and you in your body, mind and spirit, are becoming a temple in which for the prayer to come through. My action prayer and vision statement for my work on Explore Your Spirit and as a teacher of the wisdom teachings is this: “Spirit does not exist in just one location; rather it is all encompassing, living within and amongst us in each moment, thought and action. I believe that Spirit is raised to its highest level, when individuals gather with wisdom, compassion and a discerning desire to provide service to humanity”.

With this prayer in mind, I invite you in this season of thanksgiving, abundance and gratitude, to say a prayer, give thanks and then become the action that you wish to see manifest in your prayers.

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