Love and Romance through Interiors

(By Aroon Ajmera)

Elizabeth Browning

Love and romance between two people makes the union of their two souls into one happy soul and enables them to live their lives in harmony, balance, peace, affection and fulfilment.

You might be asking yourself: "why do I need to improve my personal relationship?" The answer is simple. To live your united life in bliss and heavenly contentment. Our living environment mirrors reality and is either a metaphor of positive or negative energy. High energy attracts optimistic, compassionate, loving people, while low energy environments attract negative, self-absorbed, and/or out of balance people. With focused attention, using symbols, shapes, colours, elements, artwork and objects (placement) in our interiors, we can change our environment and attract good quality people and relationships into our lives. If we are already in a relationship, we can prevent straying and enhance our bonds with each other with better communication, fulfilled sex life and live happily ever after.

In simple terms, expression of love and romance in interiors is the art of mindfulness. When we consciously organize and decorate space using certain principles based on the "energy" blueprint, our environment acts like a magnet to attract our highest intention. So, if it's love that you are seeking, your space must exude love…sensuality, sexuality and sacredness. It should also reflect grace, harmony and beauty to attract a high-energy (balanced) partner.

There are many ways of doing the interiors but the most effective way is to weave the Feng Shui principles for activating love and romance as we are using the basis of positive energies in the environment. Feng Shui deals a combination of Yin and Yang energies and with five elements namely fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The sector of love and romance is represented by earth. It is therefore very important to use more objects, which represent earth and the element and more colours, which support the earth, namely fire.

A very important aspect in Feng Shui is a term called "missing corners." A missing corner is a section that is missing from the physical space. If the partnership/marriage or relationship area of your land, house or bedroom is missing, then the likelihood exists that a partner is also missing in your life. Or, you and your partner are experiencing isolation, loneliness, separation (sometimes divorce) and/or conflict and struggle in your relationship. If, for example, there is a missing career section, a U-shaped house, typically we find people that are retired living in properties like this or people that are struggling or working overtime in their careers, because the missing section of the land, house and/or room has not been remedied.

To remedy a missing corner we can square off the absent horizontal and vertical lines by using landscape with depth, objects like mirrors, and symbols to enclose it. When this is not possible to achieve, we can set the intention that the absent section does not affect our lives, negatively. This takes skill, focused intention and trust in a positive outcome.

Whether you are single and seeking, or partnered and married, here are a few things you can do to attract a balanced and healthy love relationship, or to improve the one you are already in. For best results focus your attention on your master bedroom first and then extend your placements to other rooms in the house.

Love zone or the relationship corner or the marriage area of any space under the compass method of Feng Shui is represented in the southwest area of the house, the flat or even each room. Stand in the middle of the house, the flat or the room with the compass to identify this space.

First clear the clutter before making any placements. The space has to be extremely tidy as any clutter blocks the flow of energy and makes the room or the space feel stagnant.

Feng Shui placement tips to support a healthy, beautiful and balanced union:
• Place pairs of things like two mandarin ducks, two hearts made from rainbow crystals, two red candles, a decanter with two glasses, and/or a ceramic vase with two red roses.
• A sculpture of a couple kissing. A colourful painting can be hung of a couple hugging or sitting together or dancing. Sensuous and romantic artwork is important to trigger your emotions
• Ensure that the room colour selected is soft and earthy like beige or a shade of pink.
• Play soft, romantic music instead of having your TV in your bed room
• Sleep on high thread count linen and enjoy plush new towels
• Have a beautiful new duvet or bed-spread with even number of pillows with soft lighting in the room
• Hang His and Her bathrobes
• Add a pretty basket filled with oils, bubble bath, and massage lotions
• Spray Lavender, Vanilla and/or Cinnamon daily to freshen your room
• Add a romantic photo of you and your partner (or a picture of your dream mate)
• Hang a rainbow crystal by the window so that it catches the sunlight and spreads the burst of colourful energy in the room
• Place two red cushions on a sofa in the love corner of the room
• Display a symbol of Yin and Yang or a sculpture of couple embracing
• Set the Intention for peace, passion and romance

Avoid having the following in your bedroom:
• A computer, TV or office desk
• Photos of children
• Single women artwork
• Sentimental objects from past loves
• Clutter and dirty clothes
Exercise machine

Remember, the energy of any space can be lifted with plants, pictures/artwork and appropriate level of lighting.

Aroon Ajmera
February 2011

Author's Bio: 

Aroon Ajmera has, for several years, served on the executive committee of the Feng Shui Society of the UK and is now a founder member and chair of Barefoot-Feng Shui. He is the author of ‘Feng Shui and your Home,’ ‘Feng Shui and Your office’ and Feng Shui Living. Visit his award winning Website And his Feng Shui photo gallery at Much more on