When you have a larger group of people to serve you will need a tray big enough to carry huge serving at one go. This creates efficiency in time, catering for your movement in about out of the kitchen, and ensures the people are not kept waiting for long. You can also find some events where a table is laid with serving trays and everyone would be welcome to walk over to them and help themselves to all the food. Generally, these are other similar needs will revolve around the use of serving trays.

When you use a serving tray and want to make the most of it, you need to have a resourceful attitude. Put several glasses with clippers and an ice bucket on a serving tray and place it on a rack table so you can have an instant bar where you can place your drinks. If you have a folding canvas camp table, you can add a few wooden trays on top to create a solid base that actually resemble are real wooden table.

You can also recreate shelves with the use of some trays. Just get yourself some long, wide and sturdy trays and support beams to serve as support. This will take you away from the norms of using a tray in regards to kitchen needs. If you are looking for something where your guests could leave their muddy and wet shoes in before entering your home, you can turn your trays into mud trays that can be used for said purpose. You can even add rails to them to prevent more footprints from being left behind, or drill more holes so you have an easier time cleaning them.

You could also easily turn trays into decorations for your home. All you need is some creativity. If you look through your kitchen, you may find that you have square, oval, circular or rectangular trays of various sizes. You could even have ceramic, plastic, metallic, or wooden trays. Do not be surprised to see designs ranging from the simple to the elaborate in these trays. The tray could be treated to some changes or simple embellishments, even improving the finish. However, never change the original shape of the tray.

There are also instances where you walk into a home, see a nice-looking mirror at one end of a hallway, or hanging by a wardrobe. It turns out it's not an actual mirror but actually a glossy tray that produces a reflective effect.

Old trays that are no longer used should not be thrown away since they can be used in other parts of the house. Your backyard garden would do well with as a container for seeds and seedlings, and the trays could serve this purpose. Trays can also be useful in workshops as they can hold various tools and implements. Creativity is important if you want to find more uses for your kitchen trays other than, well, the kitchen. Have an eye for detail and note various solutions that can be addressed with the use of trays.

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