extended team Ukraine  can be a great business move that can lead you to new customers, products, services, and other opportunities. Without a team of talented employees who are eligible for the Ukraine work visas, it is impossible to do all of this. This can affect the time it takes to work in Ukraine if you aren't sure how to obtain a visa to work in Ukraine for your entire team.

Different types of work visas in Ukraine

To work in Ukraine, many foreigners will require a work permit. There are some notable exceptions to this rule. These people don't need a work permit to live in Ukraine.

  • Permanent residence permits for foreign citizens

  • Refugees

  • Individuals who have an immigration permit

  • Recognize people who need additional protection or temporary protection in the country

  • Representatives from foreign airlines and maritime fleets serving Ukraine companies

  • Accredited foreign media workers can work in Ukraine

  • Artists, professional athletes, and many other people.

  • Personnel for emergency work

  • Foreign representative offices employees

  • Temporary residence of clergymen in the country for religious activities

  • Participants in international technical assistance projects

  • Higher education institutions have the opportunity to train conduct teachers and scientists.

  • Any other foreigners who meet Ukraine's laws and international treaties

To obtain a work permit, foreigners will need to find work through a local company or individual. The work permit is not the equivalent of a residence permit. Therefore, employees will need both permits to remain in Ukraine for a longer period.

How to get a Ukraine Work Visa

Employers and employees must meet certain requirements in order to obtain work permits and visas for Ukraine. Employers must pay foreign workers at least 47.230 UAH per calendar month starting January 2020, unless they are in a "special categorie." These people are often founders or beneficiaries to a Ukrainian business. All work permits can only be issued to employees who have worked in a particular position at a company.

Employers must apply for work permits for employees. Documents required include:

  • Application

  • Copie of passport with personal information

  • An employee photo in color, passport-sized

  • With your certification, a copy of the employment contract

  • Documents attesting that you are authorized to represent an employee

  • For applicants who have graduated from the top 100 universities, copies of documents relating to higher education are available

  • Copyright and copyright certificates for creative professionals

  • If you send an employee to Ukraine, copy of the agreement for that task

These documents must be legalized and translated into Ukrainian if they are issued from abroad.

Apply Process

After you have completed the application and collected the necessary documents, you will be able to file for your Ukraine work permit at the local State Employment Service of Ukraine. Because there is no online filing, a representative from your company must visit the office.

Depending on the length of the contract, you will need to pay the government fee. The work permit is usually issued for the term of the employment contract. However, it cannot be extended beyond three years for certain workers and one year for others. Six living wages are required for work permits that last one to three years. This is according to the Ukrainian law. You can renew your work permit unlimited times.

Other important considerations

Within seven days of receipt of the application, the State Employment Service of Ukraine will either reject it or approve it. Once your application is approved, you will be provided with bank details to pay the fee for the work permit. Employees will need to be given a certified copy the work permit. They must also sign the employment contract within the 90-day period.

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