You need to do some extreme fat loss? Do you need to fit into a wedding dress or summer bathing suit? Many men and women need to get rid of some weight in a short amount of time. They may need to lose fat to fit into a dress or look good for a class reunion. Whatever the situation let’s look at some ways you can lose the fat to fit into the clothes.

1. Food – You will need to really watch your food intake. Lower the fats and increase some protein to help your body burn the carbohydrates. You do not need to go all protein but increase it some while lowering some carbohydrates.

2. Sprint Program – You need to do some sprinting and mix in some alternating jogs. Here is how it works run at a sprint for 30 seconds to one minute. After the sprint you want to immediately jog for one minute. Keep doing this alternating until you cannot do it anymore. This is really hard but will help your body to start to burn fat. Take it slow if you are new to working out.

3. 5 Meals – While watching your food intake and staying away from fast food or greasy food eat 5 small meals daily. The 5 meals will let your body know you are always going to feed it. If you starve yourself the body will go into a defense mechanism that will take your calories and store it as fat. You want to get rid of fat so starving yourself is not a good idea.

4. Exercise – The more you exercise the faster you can lose weight or gain muscle. Adding muscle will allow you to lean up and fit into that dress or tuxedo. Doing an intense exercise program can also help you lose that weight quickly.

Extreme fat loss is not easy but if you follow a program or system it will work. Stick to the plan and stay with it until you have met your goals.

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