With the right attitude, anyone can improve their self-esteem. Too many of us feel like we are damaged beyond repair with no way out. Here are six secrets that are easy to implement, and will improve your inner confidence while projecting a better you to the world.

Social Engagement - Make a Friend
Self-esteem grows when it's reinforced by friends, whether casual or close - it doesn't matter. Start by saying hello to people. Show interest in them. Do this by asking friendly (and not personal) questions. Find common ground - something that you also like to talk about. Having a friend means that sometimes you have to do things that they want to do - try to always be available. Always be a good listener.

Know Something - Be a Master
We are all good at something. Find out what you are really good at. Getting to know yourself is something few of us actually take the time to do. Think hard about what you really like doing - what path you want to follow in life. Realize that it may be totally different from what you're currently doing. Don't be afraid to change. Knowing yourself will make you happy. With happiness comes confidence.

Self-esteem is an aspect of confidence. Confidence comes from certainty. Think about catching a ball, jumping rope, or driving a car. We do these things without much thought. To become confident with these skills - that only comes with experience. Practice makes perfect. To know something, master a skill, cultivate friends, and to notice people's reactions to you: these all have one thing in common - focus.

Always the critical first step, having a crisp pleasant appearance wins acceptance. With acceptance, you feel better about yourself. Simple traditional clothes are always the best. Get knowledgeable clothing professionals to tell you what colors work best for you. Sometimes, it's worth the extra investment to shop at a real, even upscale, clothing store, where you can get trustworthy advice. You might even consider visiting sites like Cute Girls Hairstyles to get great ideas and inspiration for your self-image.

Notice People
When you are talking with someone, look them in the eye. Nod your head. Follow what they are saying. Always have a smile on your face, even if it's slight. Your focus begins inside you. You then can then extend it to others, or to the task at hand. Watch masters when they are working. You can see and even feel their focus.

Inner happiness crystallizes self-esteem so make sure that you are trying to be confident for the right reasons. Find your groove, and then stay with it. Avoid stress and drama, and those who travel with it and you will soon see the changes that come with better self-esteem.

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Meghan Belnap is a freelance writer who enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise as well as researching new topics to expand her horizons. You can often find her buried in a good book or out looking for an adventure.