Certainly, beauty is something that is beyond limits. However, the definition of beauty is different for several people, for some physical appearance matters a lot. Talking about physical beauty, we are blessed to have limitless products that enhance our beauty. Aesthetically, beauty has its own way of definition in which our eyes hold the top rank. Besides that, it doesn’t matter what makeup look you have created unless your eyes are undefined. For eyes, we have some amazing collections of products like liner, eye kajal, mascara, and eye shadows. Eye kajal holds the ancient history in which the usage of kajal was done as a medicinal product to cure ailments of eyes. Even today, eye kajal is a woman’s favorite. Girls or women of any age group can apply eye kajal easily, as you need not be a perfectionist for that.

Types of long-lasting Eye Kajal:

Eye kajal is the key to attractive, bold, and beautiful eyes. Also, it defines your eyes differently, making them look bigger than usual. The application of kajal is so simple that anyone can apply it with ease. With just a single stroke, you can add extra numbers to your simple or stylish look. There are different types of eye kajal available like:

Gel: These days cat-eye look or winged eyes are trending and gel kajals slides smoothly so that you can get a perfect wing in just one stroke. Usually, the product is available in a small pot-like container with an applicator. The applicator is a dense angle brush that gives the perfect flick at the corners of eyelids. Also, the creamy texture of this eye kajal makes it easy to create thick or thin lines. It's up to you whether you want to stay at home but want to create a subtle look or hang out with your gang, the kajal look depends on your choice.

Liquid: This kind of eye kajal is famous for a long time. You do not need a steady hand to apply it well. You can easily create a different eye look through liquid eye kajal. Definitely, you must have time for application of any liquid eye kajal. As for perfection and avoidance of smudge, you need to concentrate.

Pencil: This kind of kajal has also been around for a long time. It is the most common image that comes to one's eyes when you talk about eye kajal. You can apply it whenever you want to create thick or thin lines around your eyelids. To apply it well, it is essential that you have a steady hand. It can be used on a daily basis. Make sure to use a sharpener each time before applying to get the best eye kajal look.

Best eye kajal brands:

Some of the most common and best brands in kajal are Color Essence, Revlon, Blue Heaven. Swiss Beauty, Lakme, Biotique, Maybelline, Best Candy, Shanaz Hussain, Elle 18, Jovees, Plum. These brands are best for kajal shopping online. You can choose any type of kajal according to your convenience and expertise of application.

Why do we need an eye kajal?

We Indians are well known for our different cultures, beautifying ourselves and others is one of them. Accordingly, the use of eye kajal is not a new-age technique but is famous from ancient times. Earlier use of kajal was not only to beautify eyes but also for the treatment of different eye ailments. Not only this, we use eye kajal to avoid evil eyes. And nowadays, eye kajal has become a part of cosmetics that makes your eyes look more gorgeous and attractive. To look class in a mass you need to appear your best and eye kajal can make a difference in that. So, if you want to look a little different and do not want to waste time, an application of eye kajal will do.

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