Mobile, in couple of years, has played an extremely important role in metamorphosing business trends, and this year is going to be an eyeball time. Mobile in 2013 is going to witness that hero moment that prognosticators have long been talking about. Interesting enough is to see how this trend has changed the perspective of B2B marketers in planning, adopting and implementing specific marketing tools.

Mastering Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing has the enigma of getting you closer to customers as compared to any other form of media. When done right, it leaves customers with an enriching brand experience. When done wrong, it may lead to the loss of a customer. Certain tactics that would help you master mobile marketing are:

Learning how rich media for mobile creates compelling consumer engagements.

• Experience should touch every step along a consumer's mobile path to purchase.

• Achieving optimal business results through smartphone and tablet use

“Content, context and customer proclivity” would be the rulers of marketing metamorphosis in 2013 within the arena of mobile technology. Eyeball time to witness an era of de-campaign, repositioning and game play but also of tighten, regulate and measure.

The Metamorphosis:

1. De-campaigning:

Gone are the days of long-term marketing, go for short-term, predictive, reactive infotainment using topical advertising that demands the viewer’s attention. Mobile dominates real time marketing because it is personal and specific.

2. Soc/Mob combination:

The combination of Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Pinterest creates a deadly weapon that will have your customers do the advertising. Therefore implement a proper reward strategy for social media sharing that would keep your visitors ever motivated to share.

3. Opt in Vs Opt out:

“You‘re in when you opt out” would cost you money in 2013. Check for opt in and be specific about what people are opting into and do not oversteps your permission.

4. TV and YouTube:

While mobile video viewership, using YouTube is advancing at a rate slightly ahead of broadband development, develop a short punchy second video content for the small screen and run it in mobile banner ads and roll backs.

5. Real Mobile ROI:

By clicking the ‘call now’ button on a mobisite logs the direct inbound messaging generated by the ad, while the hits on your mobisite's store location map indicate the 'walk-ins' generated by the ad. This shows how many people are promoting your product.

6. Marketing gamification:

Brands have started developing games with point rewards for achievement, also the ability to challenge other players for prizes. The brand awareness is huge and scores can be Facebooked and tweeted to attract non-gamers.

7. Online – Payment – Done

US retailers like Starbucks, facilitate mobile ordering and payment for their frequent customers and reward them for using it. So, retailers can start with mobile vouchers, special offers, shopping services, free delivery and loyalty points to combat the online discounters.

8. The mobile fingertip:

Phones are on the verge of being wallets (Standard Bank has recently announced NFC credit cards) and soon they will be keys, health consultants and maybe even ID.

Watch out for!!

Mobile has taken over emails and has become a personal favourite of numerous marketers. It is one tool to watch for, so 2013 be ready to embrace the challenge. Earn some stripes. And finally metamorphosize your mobile moth into a butterfly.


Author's Bio: 

Linda Mentzer is a published author and senior marketing manager for an information management company that has helped sell thousands of software products on a global scale. With over 11 years of experience in electronic marketing techniques, Linda has authored articles for several leading business journals, worldwide.