Longer and thicker lashes have always been one of the most difficult beauty aspects for women to overcome. Most women are born with thin, brittle eyelashes, and the problem only gets worse with age. The last decade has seen science turn eyelash enhancement into a billion dollar industry, but with all of these advancements, how do we know which eyelash enhancement methods and treatments are truly safe and effective?

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the most common and expensive forms of eyelash enhancements available. Paying hundreds of dollars for a pair of salon-quality semi-permanent lashes is simply out of reach for most women, and the cheaper versions tend to fall off and leave lots of glue at risk of removing natural lashes. . While a pair of high-quality false eyelashes is usually the best solution, paying $ 300 is simply not financially feasible for most women today.

Masks of eyelashes

Mascara has become more popular in recent years and almost all the major beauty companies offer a line of longer mascara. These products are often the same mask as their other lines put in a new bottle with a new name. However, not all mascara is created in the same way, many top end lengthening masks will make your lashes look longer for a short period of time before they get lumpy and fade. If you are going to buy these masks, it is recommended that you avoid top-of-the-line pharmacy brands and look for the best boutique brands.

Eyelash serums

Eyelash growth serums have only been produced in recent years, but have become surprisingly popular in such a short period of time. Eyelash growth serums work by infusing vitamins and nutrients directly into the eyelash hair follicle, creating a longer, thicker and healthier eyelash. Serums to improve eyelashes are usually a one to two month process in which the user applies the serum once a day in exactly the same way as they would apply mascara. Most users see drastic results in a month, which is why eyelash growth serums have become so popular. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SQ6HYX3


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