Have you ever fascinated the long lush eye lashes of your mates? Does long eyelashes enchant you so much so that you want them real bad? If yes then you can make your fantasy into reality by opting for eyelash extensions! Yes you read that right as with technological advancement science has paved way for several measures to add to your beauty and aura

Eyelash extensions can help you make the most of your eyes but are they really safe? As quite often they tend to pose serious threats to the natural lashes too! Keep reading to unfurl the safety considerations when it comes to eyelash extensions:

  • How can one use lash extensions:

A lot of people look out for eyelashes extensions near me but fail to understand as to how they can actually use such lashes! The stores that normally sell lashes do so by making use of some adherent glue or magnets! Using the magnetic ones is really easy as you will have to place the magnetized lashes on your real lashes and then snap it with a strip that goes beneath the natural ones in order to keep the artificial ones in place.

Such extensions can also be applied using a glue and they seem to fall off after few weeks as and when you real lashes fall off! Hence to keep them intact you will have to reapply them on a regular basis. 

  • Some lash extension might poses serious threat depending on the person’s immune system and the quality of the product used. The following are some possible problems that can arise as a result of eyelash extensions:
  • Various allergic reactions: 

This problem can depend from person to person as not everyone has the same immune defense system! The eyelash extensions are usually made of synthetic materials such as nylon, silk or even mink fibers! Since many people are allergic to mink so the professionals doing eyelash extension send you to a doctor prior to the treatment. 

  • Infections and related problems:

This is another common issue that might let you reconsider your decision to get your lashes extended! The lashes can get coated with dirt and oil and this might lead to the development of infections that make your eyes swell. So make sure to wash your lashes and lids at least twice a day.

  • Droopy eyelids:

Another common problem that might occur as a result of magnetic eyelashes is droopy eyelids. The magnets can permanently drag your eyelids and lead to droopy eyelids.

Are you weary of your eyelashes? Want to add in to your beauty by extending them? If yes then you need to look for eyelashes extensions near me on a serious note! Now that you are aware of the ways by which you can use lash extensions and the possible problems that might arise due to them, you must do your research in getting hold of an experienced professional who has been doing lash extensions since ages! Keep in mind your body state and the allergy conditions before heading for nay such treatments! 

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