Pascal Julent, President of the company, having a passion for architecture and ethnological issues, led him to the dream of becoming a city planner. But his studies at the Paris Management School lead him from the finance department of Nestle to the finance department of Christian Dior Couture, which he managed at the age of 27.

Four years later, his desire to work for small companies leads him to the Lunettes Lafont (Lunette Lafon) in Paris, where he became CEO in 1991. Pascal introduced the original concept of FACE A FACE by establishing links between his two passions, architecture and human relations. Just as an architect, whose technical, functional aesthetic projects can shape the spirit of the times, FACE A FACE glasses will in turn contribute to the same requirements through their original designs. Pascal gives the project team his creative direction, and also manages the brand's design studio. He is also very active in the industrial and technical fields in order to guarantee the highest standards of production.

Nadine Roth, director of marketing, has extensive knowledge of the optical world, through her experience with French designers Alain Mikli and Lafon. Her career begins with Alain Mikli. It launches the brand for the first time in Germany and then is responsible for exporting to Europe and Asia. Her taste for adventure leads her to New York, where she has operated a subsidiary of Lafon for six years, after which she returns to France as head of Lafon’s international development. Becoming the head of marketing FACE A FACE, opens the American branch, and to this day, leads an international group of exclusive sellers of the brand. Thanks to her experience and energy, the FACE A FACE collections are distributed in more than 50 countries and are presented as one of the most respected brands in Europe, America and Asia. Her sense of products and fashion trends makes a very valuable contribution to the work of designers.

FACE Collections A FACE is produced in the Jura mountains - the center of the French optical industry, which is the world leader in optical technology. Due to the technological complexity of optical production, the FACE A FACE brand established the main managing office and workshop for the production of frames in the city of Lons le Saunier, with the aim of constant and close cooperation with the manufacturers of the brand in the Jurassic region.

All glasses of the FACE A FACE collection belong to the category of "hand-made", which requires the necessary level of quality and convenience. Between each production stage, all frames are subjected to strict quality control in their own workshops, which allows to exclude the presence of marriage. Geographically convenient location makes it possible to optimize production, as well as careful control over the creation and quality of the product.

The collection of titanium frames FACE A FACE for the first time demonstrated the lightness of this material, density and volume, uncharacteristic for heavy metal monel. The result was the easiest possible setting. All our finished products are anti-allergenic, and the color range is an exclusive development for the FACE A FACE collection.

Cellulose acetate frames - rich colors and structures are achieved by carefully designed manipulations: monochromatic acetate sheets are cut and combined to best achieve the desired result. Many acetates of the FACE A FACE collection are exclusive products: twisted ornament, safari, etc. They were developed as a result of the combined efforts of our team of designers and specialists Mazuchielli.
The design of sunglasses FACE A FACE is focused primarily on the graphics of the lines, the temptation and glamor, the combination of volumes and colors, filling the niche between the world of optics and cosmetics. Created for modern men and women, they not only combine design and quality, but also possess such an important characteristic as comfort. All sunglasses lenses - organic lenses CR 39, which provide 100% protection from UV rays and meet the highest international standards, including Australian. Multi-layer antireflection surface coating destroys all parasitic organisms and infrared rays, providing absolute comfort to the person who chooses FACE A FACE glasses.

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Mike Hammelton - Glasses expert