Are you planning for face lift surgery? Well, before undergoing this procedure you must know how people are getting benefited through this. There are so many competent cosmetic surgeons who can provide you exquisite and safe face lift solutions. Through this special cosmetic surgery, the lives of many people have been dramatically changed.

It is quite natural that the more you look perfect, the more confident you will be. However, to ensure a safe and secure surgery, you must approach an experienced plastic surgeon providing services from a reputable plastic surgery facility.

What Are the Benefits of Face Lift Surgery?

With growing age, you acquire many physical imperfections. As a result, you tend to become disappointed with your appearance. You lose your confidence and in some cases, people lose their self-esteem. It is important for you to find some ways to rejuvenate your body, as well as your mind. Plastic surgery is such a solution that can help you conceal the flaws caused by aging and other factors beyond your control.

Usually, as we age, our face tends to change dramatically. The skin tends to sag, and wrinkles start appearing. Facelift surgery is the ideal solution to address this concern. This surgery can also address issues such as mid-face sagging, creases between the eyes, laxity of the lower eyelid, double chin and loss of sharp neck contour.

The Face Lift Process

Cosmetic surgery is complex and the surgeons providing it must be certified, qualified and experienced. The procedure involves raising the skin and elevating the underlying facial musculature and facial support to a more anatomic and pleasing position. Any excess skin is removed during the process and the incisions are concealed around the ear.
The facelift procedure if of varied types, and is provided according to individual patient requirements.

  • Dual plane lift:in this the skin is raised in a separate plane as the deeper facial tissues
  • Skin only lifts: the skin layer alone, along with the fatty layer is lifted away from the muscle
  • Composite lift:the skin and deeper tissues are raised together
  • Short scar face lift/Mini face lift: a very beneficial technique that helps to achieve all the objectives of any face lift. It facilitates a more vertical face lift with sharp focus around the cheek.
  • Mid-facial and Subperiosteal lifts: the deeper tissues are addressed in this technique. More appropriate for patients with visible facial aging in the cheek area.

Enjoy Youthful Looks with Innovative Face Lift Surgery

Face lift is a great option to benefit from wrinkle-free skin and much improved looks. You need the services of a reputable and experienced plastic surgeon with comprehensive knowledge in facial plastic surgery. The surgeon would listen to your requirements, assess your medical condition and then decide which face lift technique would work best in your case.

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Experienced plastic surgeons in Houston, Texas, Dr. Sean Boutros and Dr. Jason Hall offers facelift surgery including mini face lift and lower face lift for patients who wish to regain a wrinkle-free, youthful facial appearance.