Have you ever eaten fire? Have you ever walked on burning coals? They call it firewalking. Well, I have-I've walked on burning coals several thousand times. I used to lead empowerment seminars where that was a regular feature of our event. I don't do that today.

Eating fire, yes-dozens and dozens of times. And again, I've taught dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of people to do that.

Most people won't, and certainly the immediate reaction is, "That's not a good idea." See, either way, we know fire burns. All our experience has taught us that fire burns. We have fire departments, we have tragedies that we see on the news, and each of us has been burned by something at some time, be that a match, a lighter, a hot stove, hot water, or a campfire.

We've been burned. We don't need any more convincing that fire burns.

And I'm here to tell you that the reason why we do this in our seminars and events is because there's a major correlation between what you feel when you want to eat fire, or walk on fire, and what you feel when you want to go for what you really want, in our case, presumably, riches of contribution, money, and actualization.

And that is fear that you're going against what is normal. That is, you're going to be going outside the comfort zone. But guess what-if others are doing it, safely and repeatedly, there has to be a way. Most people let the fear, the immediate counter-intuitive concept of the act, stop them right then and there.

And it's the same thing with jumping out of an airplane. Why would I jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Other people decide, "Let me find the techniques, the system, i.e., let me find the specialized knowledge. Because I want to do it-because what it means to me, what it means to my nervous system, what it means to what I accomplish, has got to be worth the price."

That's all there is to it-deciding it's worth the price, deciding you'll pay that price, finding out how others have done it, modeling them, doing it yourself. And if at first you don't succeed…there's always a hospital!

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