Social media has been an integral part of online marketing for years - also in B2B. By now, every B2B company should develop a social media strategy and implement it. Advertising always belongs to a successful appearance on Facebook and Co. And that can be switched very precisely today. That's why targeted advertising on Facebook makes sense for every B2B company. In the following article, you will learn the most important steps for B2B advertising campaigns on Facebook and their success factors.

Why Facebook ads for B2B Marketing?

Facebook advertising is especially worthwhile for B2B companies. The reasons are simple: Facebook advertising is proactive, target groups can be precisely defined, the number of users is very high, and even B2B customers use Facebook and the advertising is displayed to the defined target group.
It is often forgotten that people also decide on B2B companies. And after work, a majority of these decision-makers, surf Facebook. There are high chances of your ads being read by B2B leaders and decision makers. Facebook advertising is also great for B2B's. But how to successfully advertise on Facebook?

Business Manager: The business account for your B2B Company

Once there is a separate account for the Business Manager, the company profiles are added there. It's quick and easy with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, it is not mentioned in advance that these B2B profiles cannot easily be removed from the account. Once the link is established, you can no longer connect the profile to other business accounts. It can only be removed by deleting the business account. Do you want to know more here? Do you want an insider tip that we know about? Read digital marketing blogs and keep updated by digital marketers views

Facebook Pixel: How you can use it for my B2B audience?

For B2B target groups, a Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience can be created. A Custom Audience is a target audience that has triggered certain events or been imported from a customer file. For privacy reasons, it is usually more questionable in B2B companies to upload customer files on Facebook. Therefore, this option isn’t covered here in this blog. In order to create an event-based custom audience, it is necessary to integrate the Facebook pixel into your own website.
This covers every scenario: These include "shopping cart dropouts", "shop customers", "visitors" and much more. This is an incredible targeting option. It gets even more interesting when a Lookalike Audience is created by a Custom Audience. In this case, Facebook looks for and appeals to people similar to the Custom Audience. For example, people with the same characteristics as shop customers are addressed. This also benefits B2B companies.

Campaign: How should a B2B Campaign be structured?

As soon as the B2B target groups are created, it quickly becomes apparent that many individual advertisements can arise. It’s a best practice to name a campaign according to the same pattern. For each goal when one B2B campaign is created. Of course, differences can still be made between the channels (Facebook / Instagram). Below the B2B campaign is the ad groups. Here the target groups, placements, and the budget set. In the lowest level "Ads" can be tested with different texts and images, which appeals to the target audience.

Advertising Goals: What do you mean for a B2B marketer?

There are three categories to which all goals are subordinate:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversions


Facebook ads offer B2B companies an enormous opportunity. With versatile targeting options, every target group can be found and reached. With a little practice, individual advertisements and entire B2B campaigns are implemented and can play a vital role in generating B2B leads.

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Muhammad Qamar is a passionate digital marketing professional since 2012, serving as a digital marketing consultant. His area of focus is to help businesses developing digital marketing strategies, media buying and lead generation.
He is writing as an independent writer on digital marketing and technology. As a writer, his work has been published in a wide variety of digital media channels, and in his spare time, he studies Islam.