Facebook has become a daily routine for most of us. We go online early in the morning and sometimes never bother to log out. This habit has allowed identity thieves and scammers to attack people via their logins. When you have the appropriate internet security, it will be able to effectively ensure your safety while providing you a hassle-free internet experience. If you are a Windows operating system user, then you must know that equipping your computer system with antivirus software is mandatory. This software will deal with your and your computer system’s general safety and security. It will be able to scan removable devices like compact disks and flash drives before allowing them to gain full access to your computer. Moreover, it will be able to detect threats even before they attack your system.

Facebook And Its Privacy And Security Issues

Facebook has mainly become a lot of people’s communication link to their family and friends. It is very convenient and easy to communicate making it an integral part of the digital world we now live in. With Facebook, we are always kept updated and informed about our family and friends’ activities and we can always keep in touch with them without the hassle of making long distance calls and without having to spend a lot of money in travelling. However, no matter how convenient Facebook has become for us, we are also threatened by having our privacies invaded by outsiders. This is one issue where it is hard to implement corrective measures. But we can always implement ways on how we can protect ourselves by having our privacy and security breached. Aside from installing an antivirus protection, listed below are five more security, preventive measures that can secure your privacy even when surfing a social networking site.

Security Measures

There are Facebook security settings that some people tend to overlook and forget to adjust. Adjusting these settings will create a big impact in your security and privacy. Through these settings you will be able to limit the number of people who can connect to you, restrict people from accessing your profile and seeing your photos, impede applications who wish to use your information and so on. Connections: Through privacy settings you can manage the people who can see the contact info, can send you friend requests or post on your timeline. All this is found under “How You Connect”.

1. Tags: When people tag you in photos, you can opt to either approve or disapprove the photos that they tagged you in before they become visible to the public through the Timeline Review. Moreover, for preventing people from getting too much information from you, you can also adjust your Maximum Timeline Visibility settings and Tag Suggestions.

2. FB App: If the application is unknown to you, you can decide to reject it when asking for your permission to use your information. In the privacy settings, there is an Edit tab and under the Edit tab, you will be able to see the App You Use. Here, you will be able to remove applications that you do not want.

3. Information leak through connections: A tab that states “How people bring your information to the apps they use” should not be overlooked. This will allow you to control the amount of information that applications would be able to get from you.

4. Limited sharing: If you wish to restrict your past posts from becoming public, you can change the settings under Privacy Settings.

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