As you know, the world is on Facebook with over 250 million active users. Never before have we had the opportunity of a global market at our fingertips, for FREE, I might add.

Facebook is growing at a staggering rate and many of us are using Facebook for business, which is completely appropriate. However, as we build our professional platforms, it’s important to mind our manners to best leverage the immense power of Facebook and keep it friendly.

Today, I want to talk about writing on other people’s walls. There are definite do’s and don’ts when it comes to this.

DO write on other people’s walls to thank them or to congratulate them or recognize an achievement, milestone or celebration. This is their wall and anything you write on it should be about them. All of their friends will be able to see what you’ve written and your post might inspire or remind them to congratulate their friend too!

DON'T write on other people’s walls to promote yourself! This is NOT the venue for that. Don’t post an event, your website link, affiliate link or anything about you. This is considered SPAMTASTIC and very bad form, which is terrible for your business in the long run.

The world is watching… give them your best and you can expect the best in return!

Express your brilliance!
Charlene Murphy
GoodLife Media

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