It is a well documented fact that pretty, good looking people have earning power greater than those peers who are average looking. Wearing our assets really does work because according to economist Daniel Hamermest, a drop dead gorgeous man can earn $250,000 more than his least-attractive counterpart over his career.

The same goes for women. Good looking women will indeed earn more and have more promotions. The question is - will you want to spend those extra dollars buying injections of fillers and paralyzing toxins hoping to maintain or advance your career? Will you willingly graduate from injections to surgeries and lasers as you constantly peruse enticing cosmetic surgery ads that promise to stave off the inevitable signs of an aging face? Statistics have long demonstrated that women are attracted to many types of cosmetic and physical enhancements and typically spend more money than men although men are certainly using cosmetic surgery and beauty improvements as they frequent establishments that cater to the upscale man.

What makes a man or woman more attractive? Is it a slim nose, a symmetrical face or a combination of good looks and personality? Science tells us that symmetrical faces are beautiful faces; Plato described the “golden proportions” of the ideal face as the width of the face is an exact two thirds of its length and the perfect nose is no longer than the distance between your eyes.

Symmetry means a balanced, even looking face and that is appealing. Think Denzel Washington and Elizabeth Hurley.

Can you buy a natural looking symmetrical face that looks energetic and bright using surgery and injections? It’s doubtful although muscle structure is altered during surgery, you may not see results that equate to symmetry, vibrancy and youthfulness.

From a NEWSWEEK article, it was disclosed that 57 percent of hiring managers said that qualified but unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time landing a job and advised that the applicants should spend their money on “making sure they look attractive” rather than perfecting their resume.

What makes a person look unattractive? Is it jowls and pouches along the jaw line? Hooded eyes? Sagging cheeks? A double chin? Lines and wrinkles? A scowling face with frown lines?

If you are entertaining thoughts that plastic surgery and injections that plump and paralyze will help your job search, you might want to consider using more natural means that will not cause your face to appear misshapen or pulled or overdone.

For anyone seeking employment facial exercise, using your thumbs and fingers in white cotton gloves, makes the most sense. Rather than going into debt or under the knife, you can change the shape and contour of your face when isometric with resistance contractions are practiced. Facial exercise can reverse the signs of aging by lifting and toning those flabby areas that make us look older than our years.

De-aging a face with exercise requires only a few minutes each day in front of a mirror. As you learn how to anchor the muscles and muscle groups, you will see and feel your face respond to these natural, proven movements; your face like your body receives great benefit from exercise and your confidence level improves because you see and feel your face lifting and responding to the specialized exercises.

Just as exercise tightens the muscles in your buttocks and thighs that soften over time, your facial muscles soften, too, from lack of exercise. When you witness drooping in your eye lids and see crow’s feet developing, that is a result of your vertical forehead muscle losing its tone and vitality then pushing and pooling downward into the eye muscles. When you see folds and pouches making an appearance near the mouth, this is a result of those facial muscles that attach in the hairline on one end elongating and pooling into other muscles that surround the lower mouth. Same goes for a double chin; the heavy, wide neck muscle will look flabby and out of shape if it is not exercised regularly.

Simple isometric, resistance exercises will target and strengthen those tiny, underlying muscles. By firming and lifting these muscles, the youthful contours of your face returns, so your skin looks younger, healthier and fresher.

Imagine looking years younger without resorting to costly, painful and invasive procedures that have no guarantee that you will like the results. With exercise you look like you only ten to fifteen years younger. Men look boyish and women look stress-less and refreshed as those sagging facial features benefit from the oxygen rich blood delivered to the facial tissues. In just a few short weeks of exercising only a few minutes each day, the youthful contours you thought you had lost forever begin to return.

These simple yet effective exercises will provide noticeable results. You can restore, renew and refresh your entire face and confidently nail your job interview because your face, your calling card – your brand – looks toned, tightened and lifted. The best part? You did it yourself without one stitch, suture or injection.

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Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness. She has appeared on The View, The Today Show, Rachael Ray, The Doctors and other popular shows. Cynthia is co-host of The Ageless Sisters on and author of The Magic of Facial Exercise. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their children's inheritance. You may learn more about her anti-aging techniques at and she welcomes your subscription to her FREE content rich newsletter at