Facial hair removal with generic Vaniqa cream

Facial hair occurs in both women and men, and is consequence of the hormones which appear during puberty. Boys usually develop facial hair between 14 and 16 years old, while women develop it after the first period. While men tend to later style their facial hair into moustaches and beards, women will try to remove the facial hair through different kind of techniques. The frequent areas that need adjustments will be the light hair on the upper lip (the moustache), or the hair around the eyebrows.
The most common techniques used by women for face hair removal are: tweezing, waxing, shaving, threading, depilatory creams, or for a permanent effect, the laser hair removal. Using the tweezers is the cheapest way to remove hair, but it can be painful for the sensitive areas. It must not be washed with water, because the metal can oxidize. The epilator (there is a special epilator for facial hair, smaller than the one generally used on legs) is a device which manages to pull multiple hairs at once. Just like waxing, it is painful the first times, but the pain become more bearable in time. Threading is even less expensive and painful than all the other methods. It does not require any tools, just some string; it can be done in saloons, or at home. Shaving has a rapid effect, but the consequences are rather disturbing. The hair will grow faster and can leave bumps or wounds, because you can get cut during the process.
Unlike the temporary methods previously mentioned, methods like laser or electrolysis (approved by FDA - Food and Drug Administration) make women worry less regarding face hair. Of course, they cost a few hundred dollars, but they are far more effective. The only side-effect is that they can cause scars and is not recommended for darker skin tones.
Eflornithine or Generic Vaniqa is a cream which slows the process of hair growth. It must be applied on the skin 2 times a day, usually with 8 hours distance between the applications (for example in the morning and in the evening). The results usually appear after 4 weeks, and meanwhile you can still use the current method of hair removal. It is only used for face hair, and not for other parts of the body. Before using it, the affected areas should be washed and dried. After the application, cosmetics or sun care products can be used. Rare Generic Vaniqa side-effects like stinging, burning or skin rash were noticed in some cases. Eflornithine slows hair growth and may also make the hair finer and lighter (but does not remove the hair).

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