Facial paralysis or Bell’s Palsy is a severe weakness of the facial muscles that occurs on one side of the face. The facial nerve (7th cranial nerve) emerges from the brainstem, controls the muscles of face and parts of the ear. When the facial nerve gets inflamed it will press against the cheekbone and may pinch in the narrow gap of bone from the face to the brain. This will damage the protective covering of the nerve and the signals that are traveling from face to brain will be not transmitted properly. As a result, facial muscles get weakened and paralyzed. Facial paralysis can also develop due to a brain tumor which slowly develops accompanying headache or hearing loss. In newborns, facial paralysis may result from birth trauma. Symptoms of this condition are Facial asymmetry, eyebrow droop, drooping of corner of mouth, uncontrolled tearing, and inability to close eye. Also, lips cannot be held tightly together. This also may affect saliva and tear production and the sense of taste. Each year 1 in 5000 people suffers from Bell’s Palsy. This is a very rare condition that occurs in both sexes at any age and sometimes will occur on both sides of the face. It usually improves over time, and there may be some permanent deformity. Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines obtained from natural plant sources to treat paralysis. Facial Paralysis (Bell’s Palsy) bm86 is a natural remedy that contains homeopathic ingredients to help with facial drooping and distortion, tearing eyes, loss of taste and inability to close the eye.

Facial Paralysis (Bell’s Palsy) bm86 has a composition of PhosphorusD15+100C, MorphinD15+100C, Arg NitD15+100C, GelsemiumD15+100C, Nat MurD15+100C, Kali BromD15+100C, Baryta Carb.D15+100C. Phosphorus is used as a prominent medicine for paralysis after stroke. It focuses on healing function of muscles after a stroke. Gelsemium is a plant that is known as woodbine. The root and rhizome of gelsemium are used to make medicine. It is mainly used as a treatment for headaches and face pain caused by facial nerves because it contains certain ingredients that acts in the brain to reduce pain. Nat mur is referred as Natrum mariaticum and its contains sodium chloride. It is a water distributing cell salt which helps the body to balance and distribute fluids. Most of the time patients with Bell’s Palsy are treated with nat mur by homeopathic doctors to reduce profuse tearing, biting tongue from numbness. Kali bromatrum is commonly used to treat nervous system disorders in homeopathy. It also provides nerve support. Baryta carbonica is a mineral that is obtained from Barite and witherite found in ancient rocks. It is widely used to treat both adults and children suffering from physical and emotional impairments. All these ingredients together provide a natural way to treat bell’s palsy.

For people suffering from facial paralysis should take correct amount of this medicine otherwise it will give side effects. Adults suffering from facial paralysis should take 10-15 drops, and children must take half of the same, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.

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