When it comes to the subject of non surgical face lifts, there are many options that people use without even considering facial exercises because they wrongly believe it takes a long time to achieve any results.

In these days of instant this or quick that, women look to covering up many their many years of good living in a flash. There are a list of things that are available. Botox, which is a form of food poisoning that relaxes the muscles or there are various forms of fillers that are injected into the skin to fill up the wrinkles. These are made from a variety of things like the combs of chickens, that red flap of skin on the top of the head or you can have your own fat sucked out of your bottom or belly and injected into your lips or other parts of your face to smooth out the skin.

These procedures are often preferred over surgery which is much more expensive, more painful and more dangerous. Then you have to hide away until the skin has recovered from the surgery. As there is also no recovery time, you can go out almost immediately, looking good.

The problem is that most of these non surgical face lift procedures are not permanent, which means that you have to keep going back for further treatment, adding more expense and more possibilities of getting infections or other problems and you have that awful problem of looking young, then having the wrinkles creep back, then looking young, then the wrinkles return and so on. Not really the best way to conduct your life.

Even the permanent ones are not without risks. The problem with introducing foreign substances into the body is that its defences start to work, resulting in scar tissue inside the skin, leaving the person with lumps which may need removing with surgery.

In fact the FDA has a list of over 900 different types of problems that have affected different people in different ways. It is difficult to amass facts because the practitioners do not have the will to report any problems as it is definitely not in their interest to highlight any problems that may occur.

This means that facial exercises are the best and safest way of looking younger as it is the more natural way of looking after your skin. Just as you go to the gym to work out, so you should do the same with your face. By doing a couple of quick exercises a day, you can re-build and re-shape your face. Adding muscle mass and tone that will firm and stretch the skin naturally while at the same time, tones up the skin by improving the circulation.

Unlike the gym, you don't need to spend hours on facial exercises. You can achieve incredible results with only a few minutes a day. One of the great things is that they can be incorporated into your moisturising regime so you won't even realise you are doing them.

Image, as you apply your face cream using facial exercises, you are starting to look younger each day. What could be better ?

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Dominique Ballada is a Beauty clinician, Magnet therapist, Reiki Master and EFT practitioner. She is the webmaster of Best Non Suirgical Facelift and the author of the best seller Facialwizard program bestnonsurgicalfacelift.com