As I embark on the project of writing a book, so many fears have shown up for me. I am still working through them. I am fortunate that I have so many tools available to me to use, and I am engaging many of them. Meditation, yoga, walking, energy work, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and encouragement from colleagues who believe I have so much to share.

What fears could I possibly have – me who can speak so easily and has strong opinions? I stand in front of audiences and easily share my stories, advice, and questions. I have been a guest on radio shows, and even had a weekly and monthly spot on The Sisters of Sizzle, and yet I have been reluctant to write. This blog has been lonely, and Sadie Jackson, my fictional character has not been seen for months. The first two weeks when I would sit to work on my book, the words did not come. This was perplexing to me. Even when I tried using Mac Speech, the thoughts got stuck.

I have been on a personal quest to find what has been blocking me from moving forward in my business, where am I stuck? My personal life is amazing, and I am so enjoying all that is happening there. I have needed to experience this joy in my heart and in my life; it was a personal mission for me. I want to keep it, so there is one fear that shows up again and again, when I allow myself to be honest, and although I have tapped (EFT) on this issue, I have not yet truly hit the source of it. I fear that I cannot be successful in business to the degree that I see it and still have harmony in my life. There I said it. I wonder if anyone else suffers from this.

And now that I have given it a voice, I wonder if I have put that fear to rest, and for right now, I am choosing to be put more attention in creating my personal life, trusting and knowing that everything happens in its right time, and when I am ready, then things will change. That feels so much better to me, and also more empowering. It took courage for me to admit that I am making a choice rather than blaming it on fear.

So what else have I discovered in this search and what could I possibly fear to keep me from writing. This is a big one and I was consciously unaware that it was even an issue for me. I have been afraid to speak my truth from my heart in the printed word. I feared what people would think, especially those who know me. I feared putting myself out there in such a public way. I am told by those who have worked with me, and met me that what draws them to me is my honesty and openness. So, now that I am aware I have been harboring this fear, it is time for me to release it and step into my truth which is a sincere desire to connect millions of people to their own joyful hearts and to love. How can I do this if I hide behind my fear? How can anyone step into his or her truth with fear?

Fear is just a belief. We can believe what we want. I want to believe that I have what it takes to sit at computer each day and share my heart with you. I want to believe that I can easily and effortlessly write my book, and gracefully share it with the world, which brings up another fear. What if after I write my book, I am disappointed with the results? I worked through this fear last week. What I had discovered is that I have a habit of disappointment – letting others and myself down, and well as being let down. Whew! That was a great discovery. We cannot clear or face the fears that we don’t even know we have. That’s why I love energy work and EFT – it helps me see what has been hidden so deeply in my subconscious. I also find that the more I connect to the love in my heart and my passion behind sharing my message that the fear dissolves.

There was another glimpse into my deeply hidden unknown through this process of what was keeping me stuck from writing. An emotional memory of not being allowed to speak about what was going on at home when my brother and I were children. Even though I have come to blab about almost everything through face-to-face interaction, somehow putting it in written word for the world to see resonated with that fear from childhood. It is amazing what we store in our bodies. It is even more amazing to bring to light what is there and release it!

Once we shine a light on fear, it has nowhere to hide. We can replace it with courage, action, and love.

Where in your life can you shine a light on your fear so that you can release the fear and step into love?

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