A couple of ways of combining quality and durability with affordability while buying fragrances would be to buy perfume online or to opt for the wholesale market. There are however, several considerations before selecting either.

Wholesale or Online

When it comes to deciding between the two options of buying fragrances online or in the wholesale market, the points that deserve maximum attention of the buyer are –
Online market is accessible to all provided they have a computer with internet connection in it.
Wholesale market is not often available to the retail buyers as there exists a tacit convention that wholesale dealers will offer the products only to the retailers and not to individual buyers to ensure stability in consumer markets.
Even when the wholesale market is made available to the prospective buyer, he or she may not benefit financially as the wholesale dealer will only sell them the desired commodity at the retail and not the wholesale price of them.
While buying online, it is much easier to find out an online store that offers discount fragrances for men. Just a little homework and research can lead the prospective buyer to a reliable and reputable online dealer who would offer the best products at price that would never be possible for the local retail, or even the wholesale dealers.

Buying Wholesale Online

Moreover it is also possible buying perfumes and fragrances from the wholesale dealers online at much discount rate. While offline wholesale dealers may have problems in directly dealing with the consumers due to market conventions, the online wholesale dealers are not prevented by doing such business with consumers directly. As already said, the only requirement for the prospective buyer is to find a reliable and genuine provider company.

Deal Considerations

Buying fragrances does not mean only looking to the affordability but also much more, especially when it is for the special one. A few deal considerations are also involved when you are going to buy cologne, perfumes or buy fragrances for her. Some important considerations are –
Warranty for the product.
Money back pledge.
Damaged or inferior quality product return policy.
Legitimacy of the deal.

Internet is a bizarre place. While there are real and genuine providers, a host of unholy traders are also lurking in the wing to rob the innocent buyer of his or her hard earned money.
An educative and informative website could be great help for the prospective buyer.

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